Monday, February 8, 2010

Snowy Monday...

It isn't much, but it's a pretty dusting on the ground.  I'm hoping it's 'frozen' just enough I can hook up the big trailer and pull it out from the second drive.  Wet clay doesn't make for trailer moving around here.  Dewey's work truck won't pull it on anything but solid, smooth, dry land.  My van is great, but still...mud just isn't all that forgiving with a 20 ft trailer.  I need to go pick up another 4 round bales of hay, and while I've been known to carry quite a few things in the back of my nice, carpeted, 15 passenger van (numerous chickens, full size and baby goats, 600# of feed, bags of concrete, bundles of hardwood flooring, stacks of drywall and plywood, 2x4s, a loveseat, 15 square bales of hay...and a 6 mo. old pony...) I just don't think I can squeeze a round bale in there.  Gotta pull out the trailer.  Don't tell me I need a soon as I can get one that carries 10 people I'm all over it, trust me.  I have what I have and that's what I have to use around here.  It's simply poor planning, I suppose.

Dewey is moving his elbow all over the place.  He said he feels great, no pain at all.  Thought he's give wood splitting a try yesterday...wanna see something funny, watch a grown man bundled up to the neck in the wind and cold, with a "missing arm" under all that padding, swinging a 10# axe.  He splintered a few small logs, but the bigger ones just kicked his backside and laughed at him.  Jennifer and Matthew finished them off for now.  I'm playing keep-ahead with firewood with this cold snap coming back around again.  The last load that came could really stand a bit more seasoning.  It's just not burning.  Splintered smaller, it's not bad, but anything even remotely log-size just smolders down to charcoal :o(  We have to get into the reserves and split them down further.  I'm good for maybe 4 of those logs, then the wrists are screaming and I'm looking for the big gun Ibuprofen, ice packs and my wrist braces.  Jennifer and Matthew are the work horses on this homestead.  And they've been grumbly lately about Chris getting married and moving out...he was the work horse before ;o)

Good news is Chris and Hope are planning to make a run over next weekend...and there will be plenty of wood waiting for him when he gets here.

But, back to Dewey and that elbow...he feels great, and that's almost worst than sitting here in pain.  He thinks he can do things now.  He can...he's allowed to move that elbow.  Not the shoulder, just the elbow.  There's not much a man can do still cut off to the elbow.  Now, I'm a good wife.  I am.  I have tried to find all sorts of things to keep him occupied.  He's been the resident puppy just kills Daffy when Dewey won't let him up on that lap and into that sling (LOL...there's a story for the construction site...).  I have generously offered to let him be the weights on my patterns as I cut dresses and what-not.  A friend suggested he's in the perfect position to help me wrap all my skeins of yarn into balls. 

I'm going above and beyond trying to be accommodating, trust me.  If he can't find something to DO that is suitable, we'll be sitting on him to keep him still with that shoulder.  He won't start the actual shoulder therapy for 2 weeks.  That's a long time in man years.  It's a long time in wife-listening-to-husband-bemoan-his-shoulder years too.

And to top off the lack of movement, there really isn't much for work out there.  It's not just us, it's all over, I know.  His boss suggested that if there were spurs that bad in one shoulder, there's bound to be the start of trouble in the other, dominant arm.  Might want to have that looked at as this disability term winds down and perhaps have the other done if warranted.  That actually reads:  we have no real work for you, so another 13 weeks down time with the other shoulder isn't any skin off our noses.

Funny thing was, at his office visit we joked about just having the surgeon do the other arm for good measure.  He said a look with an MRI woulnd't be a bad idea to see if there is a problem brewing.

I love my husband, I do.  We'd love to have him home on a full time basis.  But another 13 weeks of arm sling?  When he isn't able to do anything?  One of us wouldn't make it.  We do want him HOME, and he's really starting to see the wisdom in that as well, but tethered and wrapped??....that just isn't healthy for either of us.  It drives him slowly insane.  It doesn't do much for my own psyche either.

So...I guess we see what happens from here.  Back to work of some sort come April 1st, or Shoulder Surgery Redux...

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