Monday, February 8, 2010

Dog Sweaters

Ok, I didn't really "make" the sweater, in the technical sense. 

It's a sock. A no-show ladies sock, to be precise. Well, even more precise, it's a no-show ladies sandal sock. There's no toe.

I don't really get the whole socks-for-sandals mindset, but hey, to each their own I suppose.

What I did was just so technical...
I made a little snip on either side of the heel turn...
and, because Daffy and Flash both have these round little tummy's still, I made a snip through the toe ribbing as well.

They go on the dog the same as on your foot really. The heel is the 'chest' with front leg openings there, and the 'toe' end is the rear end of the dog. On a regular no-show style sock (with a toe) you would cut off the toe at the stitching, and then make a slit on the underside or even cut a bit of a curve, to accommodate a means for potty trips :o)

We had crocheted some mini versions of the goat sweaters, but they didn't fit well and need more fine-tuning. The socks, being on clearance for a mere 50 cents just made them all the more enticing :o)

Now all I need is to find a little hard hat, safety glasses and tool belt. Daffy will be all ready to head back to work, OSHA prepped and all :o)

Yeah...I think I might be having a little too much "free time" on my hands lately...either that, or I'm operating on far less sleep than I think I am.

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