Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Eavesdropper...

Ever had that feeling that God was trying to get your attention by tossing bricks down from Heaven?
All I'm saying is OUCH.
Here's one of our devotional readings for today.

8 February 2010.Numbers 12:2"Has the Lord spoken only through Moses?" they asked, "Hasn't He also spoken through us?" And the Lord heard this. Some of the old clichés still remain true today, "God is the silent Listener to all conversations." How many times have we heard that one and yet we ignore it at our peril? Yes, He is the silent Listener to every conversation - and I bet Aaron and Miriam wished He wasn't. How often that is a challenge to me, too. Those of us who like to use words to make our point should be even more sensitive to the warning.Oh, that every Christian would read this section and understand its significance, for it is as relevant today as it was then. Why is it we compare ourselves with others? Beware, that is a very dangerous habit. We stand or fall before God alone and so do they.Moses was one of the greatest leaders who has ever lived on the face of this planet. God says so in verses 6 - 8. He was extremely humble too (see verse 3). A God-ordained, God-appointed leader is a very dangerous person to meddle with, as Pharaoh found out to his cost. However, a God-ordained, God-appointed leader may not be perfect. That is not the issue. Miriam and Aaron made a very big mistake. They thought that since they were blood relatives and also 'part of the team', they could criticise Moses and his actions. They had given in to the same sin as Satan - pride.What Moses did regarding marrying his Cushite wife was nothing to do with them. Maybe they had become threatened or insecure when God "took of the Spirit that was on him (Moses)" and shared it with the 70 elders (Numbers 11:25). Maybe they were sulking because they had now lost some of their 'kudos'. Or maybe, they were just plain jealous of Moses. Whatever the motive - it was wrong.God is a jealous God who takes His delegated leadership very seriously. It is not for mere man to question, criticise or oppose - so beware. This example is here as a lesson for us today.David, the man anointed to be king, would have known this passage of Scripture off by heart. When Saul was after him and Abishai offered to strike Saul dead in one easy move whilst he was asleep in front of them, you can almost sense David recoil and feel his revulsion. "Don't destroy him!" ... "But the Lord forbid that I should lay a hand on the Lord's anointed" (1 Samuel 26:9 & 11). David knew that it is the Lord's prerogative to raise up leaders and retire them and that the timing is also His prerogative.We want everything done instantly. God is a gracious God. I have been in similar positions in the past - but one thing I know - "I will never lift my hand against the Lord's anointed." If we are honest, we know who those people are and woe betide us if we stand against them and speak out criticism. Our job is not to gossip or be negative. Our job is to support and encourage.Notice too, that Aaron and Miriam appear to have spoken only between themselves - but God rebuked them publicly by making Miriam leprous (v 10).God takes it seriously, folks. Repentance is better than rejection.Do not touch the Lord's anointed. Pray a blessing on them.Do it today, they need your prayers.

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Sara said...

We just read this passage as we were studying this part of Numbers last week. We did not discuss this aspect of the passage. Thank you for the perspective on this. We will have to revisit this! I love that EVERY single time we read the Bible we learn something new!! Thank you!! :)


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