Sunday, February 7, 2010

Double Knitting on the Knitting Loom

Just toying around Sunday afternoon. I have several knitting wheels/looms, both straight and circular. I've never really done much with them and I've had some for literally *years*

I finished up the yellow/white cone of cotton I had making dishcloths and wanted something else to do, so I pulled out a loom and dug out the book on them and decided a quick lapghan would be nice.

I love the thick, coziness of the double knitting...warm but not overly heavy weight. I'm working my double knit using 2 strands of worsted-weight yarn from the scrap bag. I don't have a "plan" at all, just running 2 strands of whatever scrap balls I pull out next. Yes, I have as much scrap ends from yarn as I do fabrics. It's a weakness. I need a 12-Step Plan. I know.'s what my book says:
Double Cast On -- anchor off a 6" end by inserting the end thru the loom and onto the anchor peg on the outside right end.

Foundation Row -- wrap yarn around the first peg clockwise, then the next peg (bottom) counter-clockwise. You continue this pattern across the loom. Your loops are on the outside of each peg.

Skip the last peg wrapped as you will not be wrapping it on the second round. Take yarn straight up and wrap in reverse now -- top pegs will be wrapped counter-clockwise, bottom pegs clockwise.

Start Stitching -- using the loom tool (or a small crochet hook will also work) lift the bottom loop over the top loop. Repeat on each peg across. I'm doing a double knit, so I wrapped using 2-strands, giving me a total of 4 loops on each peg, so I am pulling the bottom 2 loops over the top 2 across.

Continued Rows for Length -- skip that lastpeg wrapped (will do this for wach new row when wrapping) each direction will be the same...moving left to right, the top pegs are wrapped counter-clockwise and the bottom pegs clockwise. On right to left rows, top pegs are wrapped clockwise and bottom pegs counter-clockwise.

Work to desired length for panel and Bind Off -- using a crochet hook, insert hook into loop on first bottom peg and lift off. Then insert hook into first top peg and lift off -- 2 loops on crochet hook.
Pull loop thru first loop (just like regular chain stich crocheting) and continue across, bottom pegs to top pegs until you've finished binding off the knitted panel and have just 1 loop on hook. Snip yarn and pull thru loop to finish off.

I started this one using the 36 peg straight loom, but now that I'm in the groove, I'll finish this one to the length I want, and the next ones will be done on a longer loom I think. Although, this is a comfortable length for holding. Dewey said he could put together a simple stand for me to put the working looms on, similar to a floor stand for cross stitch or quilting hoops.

Either way, I plan to use up the scrap stash here and maybe move on to an actual "plan" of color next time around. You simple make each panel to your desired length and then whipstitch or slip stitch crochet together for your desired width.

These would work up very nicely for charity, newborn units, homeless shelters, nursing homes, etc. And they are very comfortable for those with arthritis to work as well. My carpal tunnel isn't bothering me at all!

Check online for many other projects -- scarves, hats, bankets, even socks, booties and sweaters! The possibilities for loom knitting are endless really. And very multi-age friendly... David is 5 and can work a loom nicely. Emily, 3, has a bit of a time wrapping in a similar direction and keeping the loops on her pegs, but she's enthusiastic and that will keep her occupied and ready to learn.

My book was found at Wal-Mart and is called 'More Knitting Wheel Fashions' by Kathy Norris and Leisure Arts. Hobby Lobby carries a great selection of knitting looms and instructional books as well. We'll be using ours as a project for our Little House on The Prairie reading.


Blessedmom said...

I have used a knitting loom once, I made a hat, and it worked up very quickly and easily. That was forever ago. I haven't touched the thing in more than 3 or 4 years. Your colors are working together very nicely. I have tons of scraps that need using up. I may have to try a lapghan. Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this! I bought some looms a couple months ago, but haven't actually sat down and played with them. Need to get them going, and see what creative things I can come up with.

First have to finish the boy's afghans...Tom's is almost done, and Joe's is still in the early stages. Ahhh, wish the hand worked better most days, could get so much more of it done.

Be blessed and have fun with the loom. If Mr. Smith does build that loom frame, please post instructions...would love to have it to use.


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