Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Update on My Husband

We went in for his day surgery this morning. It went very well.

However, just for fun and luck I guess, once the doctor got into his shoulder with the scope, they found not only the bone spurs waiting, but he discovered Dewey had 'shredded' for lack of a better term, roughly 90% of the tendons along the shoulder/rotator cuff area.

Good news is he said that the general structure of the muscles was great. And he didn't have to actually 'open' the shoulder for repairs, but did them through the scope opening. That makes recovery and physical therapy time much better, which means paychecks could start rolling in about 2 months.

The doctor expects his phys therapy to go good, and prayerfully quick. He could be back at work in about 6 weeks as long as he's just a point and click man (superintendent) and not toting tools. Could be 8 weeks...but of course, this is Day One, so we have a road ahead yet to see about.

So, there you have it. Shreddy Tendons and a Polar Pack :o). That's how our Wednesday went.

Dewey is sitting in loopy-ville here with a blessed minimal knowledge of having a left arm still -- that anesthesia block from surgery is working wonders :o)


Diane-Sage said...

Great news...Praise The Lord!

LizBeth said...

SO glad he got some help! And those polar packs are wonderful. We use outs for LOTS of aches and pains to this day! God bless, Liz

Anonymous said...

praying that all goes well in the recovery.

shelley p
from over the pond

Katie said...

Glad everything went well! :-)

Dana said...

I hope his healing is quick and that he is feeling more like hisself soon!!

Glad the surgery went well!!


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