Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok, Texas...W

Well, I was getting some GREAT notes on Texas in general and some area specifics, then everyone starts telling me about GIANT COCKROACHES.

Main Entry: 1gi·ant
Pronunciation: \ˈjī-ənt\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English giaunt, from Anglo-French geant, from Latin gigant-, gigas, from Greek
Date: 14th century
1 : a legendary humanlike being of great stature and strength
2 a : a living being of great size b : a person of extraordinary powers
3 : something unusually large or powerful

Cockroaches.  Giant Cockroaches.

Forget it.  Texas was looking pretty good, but not if I'm kept on my toes, literally.  I'd never be able to sleep just thinking of giants in my midst.


LizBeth said...

Your kidding. What giant cockroaches?

Anonymous said...

Thats funny. Did anyone tell you about the Giant Flying Cockraoaches? (yes texas has em..)LOL

I have lived in diffrent parts of Texas all my life. The only time I have seen a roach problem was in an old dirty house. They are nothing to worry about. One can of Raid a year clears them out. :-)

Come on to Texas. You will love it here.


Beth West said...

I lived in Houston, then Austin. In Houston, my mom kept a very clean house AND we had an exterminator out several times a year. The problem is, the creatures don't LIVE in the house, they live outside and just forage in the house.

In Austin, our house was quite hygenic, although not necessarily clutter free. I can't tell you how many nights I lay awake because I had seen a roach I couldn't catch in the children's room, and I was afraid that it would come out and crawl on them.

Then there's the time I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom, journaling or something with my cup of coffee next to me. I happened to glance up in time to see one of the beasts streak like lightening from the bathroom door, run straight up the side of my coffee cup and commit hari kari therein!!!! EEEEWWWWWW!!!!! I was so grossed out thinking that if I had just been looking the other way. . . shudders.

I have more nightmare roach stories if anyone would like to hear them? ;)

Anonymous said...

In my many years in Texas I have seen the thing that looks like a giant cockroache only once anywhere near the homes I have lived in or RV. (One weekend we were parked not too far from a dumpster, and it was at the dumpster that I saw "it"!)

I do not use an exterminator, or bug spray. As soon as I get home from shopping I DO put all the food items in either canning jars or plastic bins with a sealed top. I feel that by sealing everything up right away, if I should bring anything home from a store that it won't go very far.

I also put some scrubbing powder, like Comet or a similar product, at the base of the foundation all the way around the house to discourage any outside critters from coming inside. One application a year seems to keep them outside rather than inside, although I haven't noticed any outside. The rain apparently soaks the powder into the soil around the foundation so it doesn't wash away in the rain or with a sprinkler.

Jamie said...

Okay so I am new to your blog and I see that this is an older post, but I gotta tell you...I moved to Texas a year and half ago and I was SCARED to death of the "flying cockroaches"! I had heard about them but hadn't seen them. A friend of mine said if you could lasso the giant things, you could saddle 'em up and take a ride around the ole homestead.'s just about true! But my wonderful hubby sprays around the out side of the house several times a year and we don't have a problem. Yes, they are here...and yes the are GIANT! But it certainly wouldn't keep me from Texas. I would be rather be here than any other place in the country right now! Just thought I'd share! Blessings!


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