Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And you wonder why I wanna be Amish heh?

Health Care Mandate

Just another reason to get out of Dodge, so to speak.  Prove I have health insurance or pay a fine.  Ahh, democracy at its finest.


LizBeth said...

Theologically, I think you know better. Seriously.

If I were Amish I'd be scared witless. This is the old divide and conquer strategy. Give rights to some and not to others. Class warfare. Focus on a group and develop resentment. Who sets up the test for what qualifies as Amish? Hey, beyond buggies, etc. Who wants the government deciding? Why make a religion the dividing line? Why should Baptists have to pay for healthcare but not Amish? What's next? It's bad enough we have the government deciding what the pay-scale should be for certain industries. Isn't anybody the least suspicious?

People have to wake up to what it means to be an American. They need to study the Constitution. They might try practicing term limits by not sending the same hacks back to Washington over and over again. Time to push back. Time for the states to say NO. Time to quit playing the socialists' game.

Angie said...

Well said LizBeth!!

elle-maree said...

I agree with you 100%. I say daily I want to be amish, I don't think I could do it being spoiled with some technology (like the internet) but the government, and the craziness I can surely live without. I enjoy your blog


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