Monday, December 28, 2009

What a Day

Plans change. Life happens and you have to alter your planned course. That was today.

I went over the mountain to the feed store we use and picked up dog food and goat feed. Normal enough. Short trip then back home to get on with the needful things of the day. Or so I planned.

There was some commotion at the feed store. Two children ages about 3 and 5 were missing. I don't know how many acres, how many miles as the crow flies, timber land there is out around there, but it's plenty enough to get easily lost in. The feed store itself sits on about 88 acres, then there's hunting club lands and acres of other land. It's a fair piece, to say the least. And somewhere among all that expanse were 2 little ones no one had seen for a good half hour at the time.

Praise The Lord they were found well and fine. None the worse for wear.

But there's something not quite right with the whole thing. Blessings aside, I believe this family needs some heavy duty prayers. And I won't even get into my take on the events of the day. Let's just say I'd have to have been blessed with the patience of Job and then some (which I am definitely not...) to not have decked someone had it been my family.

I understand the whole search and rescue stuff, and "civilians" wandering off to potentially get lost themselves, folks going off half-cocked without a plan and not knowing what the left or right hand is doing. I get all that. But I am not a sit and wait idle kind of person. It's just not part of my DNA. I don't like jabber and conversation when action needs to be made. Maybe, in the eyes of those plan and plan some more folks, I'm the half-cocked one. Probably am and rightfully so I guess.

But we waited...and waited...and no one aside from a couple deputy officers, even looked past the first tree branch for 2 hour. TWO HOURS. Do you know how far even a 3 and 5 year old can get in 2 hours? And what if a car along the highway picked them up? Two hours to jabber and 'coordinate' that plan of attack is a bit much. Two hours too long for action were it my children. I'd be a law enforcement nightmare, and that would be long before those 2 hours had passed.

I know. I said I wasn't going there. I'm not. The 5 counties involved in the search and rescue, the firefighters, police and others, the helicopter search team, those with the search dogs, those who broke out on horseback, all the people who stopped everything to follow those changed plans today...they were all blessed of God with patience, with a heart for others, with a focus of determination. It was a good thing to see a community, several communities, pull together that way.

I am just a person who believes in action. A more swift action.

Although it was rather amusing to notice how things work around here, not that I didn't already know. For instance, women are a more quiet species. And most men, at least around here, seem to like that. I just don't fit in here. I don't have a handle on that meek and quiet thing at all.

Also, most folks think I'm Amish. It's the headcovering. I'm used to it. I just go with the flow. But throw a headcovered, dress wearing, vocal woman in the middle of a search and rescue and watch the fun :o). I was apologized to by the lead guy on the 'team' I was on because he walks fast...not being rude, or leaving me behind, he just tends to walk fast. And if I get tired, you know, no telling how long we may have to be out there hiking through the hinterlands and all, he had water, and a radio. They could get a 4-wheeler out to pick 'whoever' up.

I'm not a spring chicken, but just because I just had a birthday (ok, my 42nd one, but still...) hardly means I'm incapable of searching the backlands. I was polite, though. I, not snappy and a bit brash? Really, I just went with the flow. I told our lead guy not to underestimate the power of a momma with babies of her own. And while I may be a bit directionally-challenged, I do know how to trek the backlands and stay a course. I might have ended up coming out in the next county were I separated from the team, but I'm just not the victim type. I'm not going to sit by a tree crying :o)

Ahh, but life went well and those little ones are back home. And as I said prayers for the entire family would be a good thing.

After all that today we were then called about another issue a friend wanted our help with. Their son decided to see if he could pick up some things from WalMart. Without paying, obviously. Wanna guess how that turned out?

Said parents are no longer local. Said son is living with 'friends' who aren't exactly upstanding citizens with strong family values. So who gets called to help, but friends who are available.

Spare me the notes, ok? It's not an option. I'd give anyone anything and I'd do it gladly if it would help. But there's some things that out-weigh a persons ability to help betond a point. And Dewey went, spent time making a case for said son to be allowed back with those friends, as he has no place else to stay as said parents aren't here.

Yes, it was requested, suggested, said son might stay here a few days. No. Not going to happen. We did get him settled back with said friends but that's the extent of our involvement. And that is a good thing for him moreso than us.

It's been a full day. An unplanned day, but undoubtably filled with far more blessings than what we would have seen following our original plans. The Lord does that...pops those blessings in when you aren't expecting them.


Dawn said...

First, I just have to say WOW. What a day! Second, I had just jumped on to leave a comment on your earlier post as I didn't have time earlier. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your candidness in this blog. It is what gives it a personality and makes it worth reading. Anyone who reads your blog on a regular basis reads it to hear those candid thoughts and occasional ramblings. You have a great writing style. You get your point across and don't worry about what others think. That is what blogs are for. If someone wants fluff then they need to go elsewhere. I for one enjoy hearing about your famlily and your life. I makes me realize everyday that there are other people our there like myself and I souldn't feel sorry for my convictons. I am thankful that you are willing to put them into writing. I have said before, you are like my morning paper. The news is better and more entertaining. It is G rated and it gives me something to ponder for the day. Keep writing and never appoligize. I wish we lived closer. Your woodstove sounds really inviting right now as we have 4 inches of blowing snow on the ground and the wind chill is 8 degrees.

In Christ

Blessedmom said...

Wow! what a day you had! What a blessing I'm sure you were to both situations, even if you had to bite a hole in your tongue. lol. Hope you had a blessed birthday!

In His Grace,

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I suppose I have shared some better news than most of what I've seen in our weekly newspaper :o) As to my writing style, most of my family would call it sarcasm 101. I have tried that meek and quiet spirit approach and honestly, it really doesn't seem as though The Lord gave away that gift freely to me. I believe He means for me to struggle and work with fierce determination to obtain that little gem in my life.

And yes, I certainly am hoping for some quiet life least this week. It would be nice to see the year exit on a decidedly quiet note.


Anonymous said...

Oi. How wonderful for those children to be surrounded by a community who at least WANTS to help. In most of the places I've lived, folks would just shake their heads and say "shame" over and over without putting themselves in the children's shoes.

Lisa said...

There are no other words than ... YIKES! What a day!! And you did it without committing murder!! Kudos!

After all of that, you deserve to put your feet up!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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