Monday, December 28, 2009

Just some Blog Cleaning Notes...

NeeCee and those Coffee Balls...sorry about the measurements. I just copied/paste as it read. Near as I can figure, the butter equiv. is 125 grams, which is about 1.1 stick (1/2 cup plus a Tablespoon). Here is the chart I used: Conversions Chart Those coffee balls do sound good, don't they?

Blog Cleaning will be happening this week...time permitting anyway. I will be moving the Cookie Exchange listing to it's own page/post so it is archived. Same with the Winter Goodies crafts and such. They will list as another post now, but I'll have them in the archives for finding later.

Other Notes...

First, I should probably clarify about the puppies. No, we weren't expecting Cotton to have puppies, so no, we weren't exactly ready for them. Yes, she has run with Buddy in the same pasture, so ok, call me an irresponsible breeder. Whatever. Such is life. Glad everyone else has such a great handle on it, but some days we just miss the boat around here.

Also, we did what we could for the puppies. And yes, my dear commenter, we could have spent hundreds of dollars at the Vet and perhaps done some IV or tube feedings. We did as much for the rejected pony, why not for the puppies. Well, first off, the Vet was all on-board with the bottle feedings as they took to it so readily. There weren't any feeding issues that way. They were early, for one, which breeds issues of its own. Cotton would not accept them, period. Jennifer did most of the initial and suctioning their mouths and noses, clearing the 'bags' from them even when Cotton merely dropped a pup and wandered off leaving it still very much covered and unable to breathe. She massaged pups, warmed them in her lap with a heating pad and toweling. When was the last time one of you delivered puppies? I don't mean sat back and ooohed and ahhhed over the cute little things being born...I'm talking hands-on delivery? And after 5 hours of that, sat up around the clock feeding for 35 minutes or better each round, every 2-3 hours, cleaning rear-ends, massaging for all those needed potty breaks, cleaning and warming, changing bedding....the list goes on. You've all done that? We slept very little over those several days, we did laundry non-stop to keep up on the bedding needs, we basically LIVED in my bathroom.

Plain and simple, that's 'nuf said. We did what we could for them. We did what we knew to do, what the Vet suggested doing each and every time we spoke to them, and we did more than most folks would have.

Now, onto the week ahead...Sister Penny, I can do your dress whenever you are ready. Just pop me some measurements. I'm working on the list of needs here, and I'm almost finished with one dress each for the girls, as well as at least 1 shirt each for the boys. Next it's momma's turn. I need a dress. No, not true. I want a dress. I can make do with what I have, but I want a new one. I'm next in line for sewing. Not that I deserve it, I just really want a new one.

We'll be baking for the week, including a couple pies for dessert tonight. No reason, just feel like warm apple pie and ice cream. I need to get the bills set up for January now that I have the new calendar ready. School plans as well need to be set up. We are going back to the hard routine here to get everyone moving along. I'm going to lay out an actual schedule with the breaks in place and that's the road ahead. We've had too many life breaks around here and need to get back on the road. Not that I don't expect plenty more of those life breaks, but we need to sort of get around them as we can to some extent.

Oh, it was also mentioned that perhaps I share too much here. LOL...oh you just don't know the half of it :o) Life is relatively boring around here really, but we have bumps and rocks same as everyone else. I share what I do well, not because I figure anyone is going to get something out of it, but just because I do. Ask my mom...I talk alot. Always have. Not always about useful things, but I've come a long way in that respect over the years. It's just part of who I am. And no, I'm not going into all that again. If you know me, if you've read here for any length of time, you have a pretty clear picture of who I am, what kind of person I am, where my heart lies and what my beliefs are. Like em or lump em...they make up who and what I am. It's how I roll. LOL...and I'm round enough to roll fairly well, thank you. Aside from some folks who merely pop in to comment some argument-provoking nonsense, I tend to stick as close to who I am without all the ADHD bunny trailing that makes up my daily walk.

And we're off for the day...and sorry, it's been pointed out that I've in fact lied here. It wasn't intentional. Maybe I can find a loop-hole. Right now Dewey is heading outside. In crocs. Well, they are not actually what you'd call crocs. These are slip on fully covered shoe things. Don't know what you'd call them, but to me crocs are those slip on things full of all those air-holes. These are enclosed. No air holes. Still, in the interest of purity and truth and all that, I guess they could be considered crocs. Thank God he's in long pants like a real man, but still...I said he'd have to be shot...gotta go find the 410 and some buckshot I guess. Don't want the nonsense folks to come out and call me a liar you know...

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LizBeth said...

Yikes, Deanna, sounds like you need to take a deep breath! Hope you get a minute to yourself before the New Year starts. Hey, make that dress and enjoy it! You don't owe anybody an explanation. Go for it!

Hugs, Liz


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