Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Seasonal Blessings...

I'm not going to get baited into debate over Christians and the 'holiday' this year (yeah, I know...I'm trying, that's all I can do). I know where my heart is, I know where my focus is, and I know what I'm teaching my children to Believe and focus on. It's not about the tree, folks. It's not about the gifts. It's not about the lights, the music, the whatever that comes along in the World with what they view as a commercial holiday. And trust me, it's definitely not about some paganistic "santa claus" garbage.

It's about a birth, THE BIRTH. It's about a sacrifice, THE SACRIFICE. It's about the gift, THE ULTIMATE GIFT. It's about reminding ourselves of those things daily. Maybe it's about renewing that focus this time of year. Maybe it's about protecting our hearts as the world that is unsaved and lost walks around humming carols and sporting red and green.

I happen to have several Nativity sets, too. And they all stay out ALL YEAR LONG. It's not a seasonal thing, folks, and you're missing the boat if you think it is. The World sees it as seasonal. Those who Believe, well, we know better. Perhaps it's our secret.

The Goodies to Share:
Brenda at The C Farm is a long-time online friend. She is sharing some wonderful goodies on her blog...recipes, crafts, projects of all kinds.

The Jesse Tree Devotional I shared just a second ago has some good craft ideas for creating each symbol.

Maybe everyone already knows how to do the No-Sew Fleece blankets, but just in case, Kim shared the directions. She is putting together lap blankets for the car.

Got Pinecones? Get Crafting!

And Mom to Girly Girlz shared a bunch of online Christmas Countdown Calendars...so far, our favorite this morning is the Bach Calendar...although the Teaching MOMS calendar is a great one, too....full of devotions, crafting ideas and more for each day! Go enjoy!
Edited Note...The Teaching MOMs calendar is the favorite the more we have looked it over now. WOW...So much stuff!

And don't forget the Virtual Cookie Exchange here :o)

The Homestead News:
It's cold today here. Very cold. the fires let go overnight so it was really cold getting up. Almost makes me miss the carpeted floor! We might hit a high of 54 today...woohoo. The rest of the week will be more cold. Looking like upper 40's and overnights going below freezing! Good grief, they are saying 25 for the overnight on Friday. Time to get splitting more wood down and bringing in some overnighters from the wood pile! I'm not complaining...I'm very thankful for the insulation we put in on the addition :o) Probably the only bit of it in the whole house :o)

We are using up the remains of the turkey today...well, I'll set aside a bit for Thursday or Friday for some hot soup to warm us up. Tonight I think it's Turkey Pot Pie. And some more fresh bread :o)

I need to do a couple of shirts for Dewey. They've moved him from the hospital job (it's about over and most the guys are getting a lay-off this week) and he's on a new jail. No heat inside yet, so it's rather cold working all day. Could be worse though...he worked in those conditions alot back north, and while the snow does provide some insulation, it's just colder all around. I have some denim and some nice thick flannel here that will work up nicely into a couple of shirts for layering. LOL...might have to go native and get some long-handles (long johns in this neck of the hills) this year!

Time for morning devotions. We'll be doing the dimensional Jesse Tree ornaments shared above and in that other post. This morning...tree bark :o) Got plenty of it in the woodbox by the cookstove...don't even have to go outside in the cold for it! We put up a tree over the weekend, and the decorations/symbols will go on it. I downloaded the pages from Graham Family Ministries also, for coloring fun during the day. And plenty of crafts to work into our day between schooling.

Enjoy the day -- and keep warm :o)

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Kim said...

It's been very cold here as well. Keeping the stove running hot.
Thank you for linking to my fleece blankets. :-)
I'm going to check your winter crafts. Always looking for fun ideas for my little ones!


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Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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