Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yes, it's Sunday, but...

...we're working here on the homestead.

We pulled out all the carpet from the main rooms and cleaned the floor up. The plywood/subfloor looks practically new -- once the mile-high piles of dust that were trapped under there! Eewww!! -- so we'll keep with it for a while and go ahead with the hardwood floor we had planned. It's a beautiful dark pecan with a 'rough' finish to it. I love it in the store, can't wait to see what it looks like down on the floor here. It's similar in coloring and such to this one I found online:

It's rustic...which just means that the prison system here in the South has offered flooring planks to their inmates to 'distress and antique' before sale. Sort of a cottage business, I guess. Whatever. I like the pecan regardless of who antiqued it :o)

After we did that work, we started attacking the addition to the front. We are closing in the front porch for actual usable space. We're closing it in now, windows and all. Come spring, hopefully before it rains, we'll go pull off the tin roofing, lay down some plywood and the rubber barrier stuff, replace the tin and then we can insulate normally and do the floor out there then rip out the front double windows and usable addition space here. Then off to the back deck as soon as the barn is ready for goat babies :o)

I'd like to put the house stove/oven out there, and later the wood cookstove. Then again, I'd like to get a sewing room again, too. But hey, I'll settle for just added living space :o) move a few large furniture pieces out of the main living space...everything I have is 'larger furniture pieces' actually, buffet, piano, triple bookcase desk unit, china cabinet, baker's rack, etc. No small normal furniture pieces around here :o)

Now to go deep fry some chicken thighs and assorted parts for dinner. And perhaps a peach cobbler, too. And some really nice looking asparagus spears we saw while bulk shopping at Sam's. The weekend finds included a 10# hunk of deli roast beef and 10# of german bologna, plus about 5# of baked ham we bought and I sliced up here to repack for future lunches. Then we bought a case of pork tenderloins...there were 5 of them I think in the case. Oh and those 2 $.40/pound turkeys to restock the freezer stash for deep frying. We still had 3 from last year, we'll cycle those out into general population now and set the new ones aside for later. There's a 28# beauty sitting there I'd like to get and have Dewey looks just too good to pass up. I think that's it. I restocked the basics, like flour, rice, beans, powdered sugar and brown sugar, yeast, 'stock' base (chicken, ham, beef) and that sort of thing.

Time to start planning Thanksgiving. I know everyone will laugh at that huge menu, but hey, traditions are traditions :o)

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LizBeth said...

You have ham base at your Sam's?? Lucky you!



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