Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Traditional Thanksgiving Accident

Every year we have one. Once it was Abbey, throwing a fit, she threw her head down on a metal tractor corn head attachment. Liked to puncture her eyelid. Even the doctor was crying at what she could have done. You can't repair an eyelid.

Then it was Kati, playing jungle off the bunkbeds, landed on all the junk on the floor, including a broken rubbermaid tub. Liked to poke the sharp edge right into her eye as well. It hit the eye socket on the outer edge and went out, not in, toward the eye. That ER nurse was crying more than Kati she has a dimple on her right eye corner now. A near perfect puncture.

Abbey sliced her toe open once. That was hard to glue closed.

Matthew fell out the back door when he was maybe 20 months old. Landed smack on a protruding nail dead center between his eyes. Still has a dot there.

And now Thanksgiving 2009. Eldest daughter Jennifer, whacking away on a frozen solid 5# roll of hamburger meat...with my best kitchen knife (truth be told, probably the only sharp one we have aside from skinning knives around here)...she sliced a nice pita pocket in her pinky finger.

You don't cut up frozen meat with a large butcher knife, folks.

Just in case the idea seems somehow good to anyone reading here, that serves as my common-sense, utter-stupidity dislaimer notice.

She's fine, Grandma.

She's fine, Dad.

She's not bleeding to death. She's not needing stitches or anything so drastic. Laugh if you will, but I have a nice bottle of super glue just for these moments in our lives. She's been tea tree'd, she's been thoroughly cleansed, and is duly glued and bandaged.

She's a trooper.

She's back to meat cooking for the Taco Soup and prepping cookie dough for the day.

Let's just hope this is the only issue for the holiday.

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Stephanie said...

Ouch! I have done that more times than I care to count...cutting myself. Super glue is a great thing to use for closing wounds!

Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving, with no more accidents :)


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