Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I will try to get back to the Virtual Cookie Exchange again Monday.

Tomorrow we will be baking all day:
*2 pecan pies...pecans being shelled as I write!
*2 apple pies
*2 homemade chocolate pies
*A pumpkin cobbler
*Banana pudding (will be put together Thursday after breakfast)
*4 batches of our One Hour Bread, baked up as mini loaves (that will be 36 minis and 3 reg loaves)
*A huge quad batch or more of biscuits -- we will put together sausage biscuits tomorrow for a quick dinner and the breakfast Thursday, with eggs made as desired)
*Country BBQ Beans
*Snowballs and Bon Bons and Chocolate Chip Shortbread and some No-Bake cookies (the cookies are very optional...we may not get that far at all)

Or we might put together a couple Breakfast Casseroles for breakfast and do those sausage egg biscuits for tomorrows dinner...or vice-versa...or Taco Soup in the crockpot...or Jennifer just said as long as we're making all those pie crusts, we could do extras and make quiches...who knows what we'll have?!

In other words, ain't nobody gonna starve here this week and weekend :o)

If you need a recipe, let me know and I'll do what Ican to get it posted tomorrow (Wednesday) for you, otherwise, enjoy the family time, eat well and count the many great (and small) blessings in your life!


LizBeth said...

If you really want to help, you could do take-outs! LOL . . . . . Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!


Valerie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! What time will it all be done? Ha! I will be right over! Sounds great.

Rhonda said...

Happy Thanksgiving and I am using some recipes from your blog, so thanks for your contribution to our celebration! I do enjoy reading your blog.


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