Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look at these thorns

No idea what the tree is. It attracts my goats like wildfire. It's nothing but thorns. Wicked long thorns. And fruits that smell much like lemons.

Anyone know what they are?


LizBeth said...

Go to and enter the question, "Why does a plant have thorns?" Sounds like a wild lemon vine. Can be used as a protective hedge. Thorns 2 to 3" long. Said to be tenacious.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Is it a boddock tree? I know they have terrible thorns and the fruit is kind of lemony. Also called horse apples. They are all over Ms.

Anonymous said...

looks like the thorns our decorative "crown of thorns" is made from; if so, they are super sharper, especially when it's dried.

Mia said...

Very Interesting!!

Dawn said...

Hi Deanna,
When I lived down in Texas we had those trees in our back yard. Ours wasn't huge. About the size of a grown Dogwood tree. My Father in law told me that they were Joshua trees. He said that if you get stuck with the thorn it could get really infected. I would call it stabed myself. Be careful.

mrshester said...

Could it be a lemon tree? Several citrus trees have thorns.

Lisa said...

I bet you could build a house with those thorns! In high school, a friend and I used some lemon tree thorns in place of a needle in an old phonograph and played even older glass records that way!


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