Friday, November 13, 2009

Construction, Construction...

We're loading up the trailer and heading to Tupelo tonight to get the last sheets of plywood we need (the backs of my poor seats just won't stand many more 3/4 inch monster boards laid across them! Time for the trailer to earn its keep). We'll be working this weekend and maybe even get the addition finished...we'll see. Dewey's back has been bothering him and maybe climbing on the roof and lugging around sheets of tin and plywood just won't happen.

And we'll get the new steel door and 'screen' door. The outside, 'screen' door looks kind of like this one. It doesn't have a screen really -- it's a steel security 'screen' door with, well, I don't know what you call it. It's like a screen, but it's 450# test metal grate something or another. Small like screening, but withstands dents, cutting, cats and dogs wanting in or out...the kind of stuff that kills a real screen. The outside door is steel, and it's a 3/4 lite...all but the bottom foot or so will be paned windows, allowing for plenty of light -- but it's plain, 12-pane windows and not this deco-fancy glass stuff. I just want plain. we'll probably be painting it as a white door just isn't practical out here.

We're also looking at 1x6 rough-hewn pine boards to do the ceilings in. Not sure what I want on the walls yet. We found some commercial stuff at just under $2/board foot and the man who does lumber tucked away in the 'mountains' here will do them for $485/1000 board feet (about the same price, just over $2). His won't be 'dry' but I don't know that that matters a great deal overall. I do have a good pallet, almost 2, of that heavy-duty commercial-grade dur-rock stuff from when Dewey did the new WalMart. I think we could use it better in other rooms -- like the bedrooms maybe.

And we've looked at some wood siding...but no decisions on that at all. We aren't doing vinyl stuff, and we know we want wood, probably cedar given the humidity and such down here. I saw some really pretty half-log stuff I liked...but who knows. That project is a while off yet if ever.

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LizBeth said...

Will cedar make any difference in your insurance rates down your way? . . . . Hope Dewey's back is okay. Y'all have a nice weekend.


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