Friday, November 20, 2009

Book Study: Tuck Everlasting

Ok, through Netflix (which I love and can't even begin to share enough!) we received the movie Tuck Everlasting.

It looked ok. I thought we might like it.

I didn't know we'd be glued to the movie watching it and spend a lot of time over the course of several days, discussing it. Even the youngers are talking about it.

So, we are ordering the novel to keep here, (although it won't match the movie, as Winnie is 10 in the book, and 15 in the movie...ugh...literary license!) and we'll be reading it aloud soon, and working it into a unit study. Here are some pages I've found to get started...


Web-Based Thematic Unit, with Teacher Resources, Student Resources
A Curriki Study...I'm still looking into this one
A good Tuck unit here from Capo Creations. He has a great list of other novel units as well.
Here is a lesson plan for grade 5
EdHelper has a good supply of study sections for Tuck that you can access free; otherwise, membership ranges from about $20 to $40/yearly access
A WebSchool page on vocabulary/questions
**A Glencoe Literature Guide I will be keeping this handy and returning for many other novel units from their list.
**A great collection of guides and links, covering several great reads like Caddie Woodlawn,
Plainfield Elementary Guide
NovelLinks has a few offerings you might like
Teacher's Pet has units and teaching guides for virtual every book you'd ever want to teach from...this is not a free site, you have to buy the units.
A Tuck Everlasting Quiz online
This site has some good questions, guides, activities...some are merely linked from others and may be repeated on my list here.
Worksheet Library has a great assortment of, well, worksheets, on all topics and subjects. It is not a free site, and requires registration and costs $29.95/yearly all access membership.
ENotes offers pages at a small fee...
Quizlet has online flashcards...this looks to be a neat site. I'll have to get back and check into more.

And for some other reading list ideas, Walls Of Books Blog has a nice list...She also shares some great links to find studies and guides.

These should get us started and we always tend to bunny-trail around with book studies and ideas!

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