Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Still chilly in the mornings... (and some recipe links)

but it's warming to a nice autumn 70's range during the day. Just enough cool morning for a fire to warm the frost off the house...and my toes.

Breakfast came first this morning, now it's chore time and Mom-Puter time. I'm downloading the Homeschool Freebie of The Day that I missed yesterday, as well as today's freebie. I need to get my goodies moved off to the flash drive, too.

Yesterday we had a fun time with schooling...nothing spectacular, we were actually bored with history and science (ugh, again...does that cycle never end???) so I went with bland textbook reading....yeah, seems an odd direction for a group already bored, right? Not at all. We pulled a CLE book from the school shelves and started reading about the formation of the Earth, Solar System, the planets, stars, etc. From there, with some interest coming back into school life, we went for Considering God's Creation and printed off the sheets for the planets and solar system. We colored, asked questions, and glued like crazy folk :o) We don't have a 'traditional' lapbook created, but they glued all their planet information, their sun, wrote their poem about the planets on the front and voila...a bit of interest was injected back to history and science again.

We have a terrible time with science and history. We go through cycles where everyone practically moans that study time. Strange, given that we are textbook guru's for math and english studies. No fudging and being creative there. They are the no-mess subjects. But, science and history offer us more give and take options. We can read, we can color, we can watch videos...they are supposed to be the FUN areas of our schooling. And we get bored. I'm just not a great science or history teacher. I need to find something more exciting I guess.

Ugh. Never had this trouble with the olders. History was history reading -- the Presidents, each one, their life and times in the world around us kind of thing. Science was reading and some online experiments we received weekly in email form. They weren't bored...well, not repeatedly like this younger generation seems to be. Give me some great science and history thoughts? Am I missing something really good out there? Maybe I just need a better book list for read-alouds?

Ok...wanna know what we're doing today? LOL...sewing some more. No, just attaching a skirt to the dress that is needed this week. Then I need to cut some nightgowns and bloomers for the youngers...in the requested flannel for warmth. Mom might even get a nightgown out of the day's cutting as well. I was a bit chilly this monrning...some flannel to wrap up in might be just the ticket :o)

I changed dinner mid-stream last night and we had chicken spaghetti and cheesy potatoes (just cut up potatoes as you please, layer in casserole with butter pats and some sliced cheese scattered among the layers, blend some cream of......soup with about 2/3 cup of milk and pour over. Bake about 375 until fork tender, or however 'done' you like your taters!) Tonight...I have no idea. I have a ton of sauce left from last night as we made a huge stock pot full. And still chicken inthe freezer. I need to do some thinking. Bruschetta Chicken sounds delicious...but I'd have to make my own stuffing, not that that's a bad idea, but I don't know. Something along the lines of Baked Potato Soup sounds really realy good, too. I may just stick to simple and yummy and go with a pot of chicken and noodles with some dumplings added in tonight. Knock out lunch and dinner in one huge pot :o)

Ok, downloading is done, seems chores are finished as everyone is back to hovering about the house around the fire. Time to get school moving so I can start some sewing. And yes -- I can do both....we have one large 'great room' or, our gathering room, here. The long dining table is on one side, my sewing machine is set up on the other...and calling it a great room doesn't make it so...this is a doublewide mobile home, remember? I'm maybe 6 steps (yeah, if that far...) from the table and school work while I'm sewing. Actually, I could stand in the kitchen and bake and cook all day and still not be more than 6 steps away from the table...my sewing machine sits under the island here on the living room side of it. Everything is open...which is what I like. I'd rather it was a bit more structurally-sound than a mobile home, especially when there's a cold wind outside, but I've got what I've got...nothing to do about it today but adjust and go with the flow :o)

What are you up to today?

:::ugh...this hasn't posted yet. Hopefully trying it again won't post double. I'm interesting enough for double postings :o)

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Blessedmom said...

Sounds like you guys have been busy as usual. I've been out of the loop for the past week due to our incompetent internet company, but I was able to get so much done, and wouldn't have had much time on here anyways as we had a missions revival this past week. We are still working on schooling, and I also have some sewing to do...I need to look through my patterns...I'm in need of a good nightgown pattern for my girls. A dear lady I met online was sweet enough to send me a jumper pattern she drafted that doesn't require me to add buttons or zippers, just what I need, I can put in both, but I don't like to. I also have a few more squares to finish for that sampler afghan for my mom next month. Other than that, we're doing our usual cooking, cleaning, and whatever else needs doing.

Praying you all are having a blessed day!

In His Grace,


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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