Monday, October 12, 2009

Our First Sewing Order

We've been working on an order for 6 pairs of pants, 6 boy's shirts and a cape dress.

Well, it's not really the 'first' order. I had a dear Sister request a larger sized cape dress. And a couple friends here have requested the Kitchen apron. We are waiting on some measurements and fabric selections, so I started this order ahead of those.

I like doing pants for my own...they are here and handy for adjusting sizes as I go.

I tend to 'over-think' measurements and stress about if I'm really adjusting properly or not. Not being for my children, well, trying on the pants is not happening, so it's all just a lot of prayers...and a good seam allowance left just in case!

So...we've been sewing, sewing, sewing. And then yesterday I finished a chore jacket and a John Deere Tractor print shirt for David. He got his thumb yesterday.

No, nothing serious. We're just strange folk here. He was 4 years old...4 "fingers". Now, he's gotten his thumb...he's 5 :o)

At any rate, today we are going to get to work on the last 2 pairs of pants, then the cape dress, then the shirts last.

I'll post some pictures this week with some of what's done.


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. And as soon as I have the money (in a month) I am definitely ordering an apron!

Scarlett said...

How awesome that you are able to pick up some sewing! I am so afraid of my skills I would never offer them out. I think you are doing great!

Dawn said...


I would like to place an order with you, but I have a few questions.
Can you send me an e-mail since I couldn't find your e-mail on here:




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