Monday, October 12, 2009

Half-Gallon of Everlasting Yeast

I used the larger recipe and it filled up a 2 qt jar -- and proceeded to bubble right up through the filter I put on top.

Moved it to the gallon and it bubbled nicely most evening and settled into separated liquid and potato/flour stuff by the next morning.

It's been in the fridge since. I pulled it out a bit ago to stir (with plastic utensils only) together and let come to room temp...or at least not really really cold.

I'm going to measure out my 6.5 cups tonight and start my large batch of bread to rise in the fridge overnight. I'll feed the yeast starter and let it stay out overnight so ifthe bread is good and does its thing properly, we're ready to go next time.

It looks pretty opaque when stirred, and there isn't a 'sourdough' aroma to it at all.


LizBeth said...

I'm anxious to see how this works out!!

LizBeth said...


You don't have to let your bread rise in the fridge. No egg in it. Just cover and leave it out. It will be okay. Taste great, too. I know that much from the sweet sourdough. It will take longer in the fridge. Unless you want to slow it down. I've left the sweet sourdough to rise for 24 hours on the cabinet.

As for storing the yeast mix . . . .everybody has an opinion! Good luck!


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