Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Stuff...all sorts

Well, first, Liz, the differences I know of between sourdough starter and everlasting yeast is the amounts of flour in each recipe -- sourdough has a bit more, the yeast has just enough to 'grow' the yeast itself and keep it alive.

And the 'sour' effect. You want that with sourdough starter, but not with everlasting yeast. With the yeast you are just keeping the yeast 'alive' so that you always have a supply.

But, that's not much knowledge really. I have a jar this morning, ready to either use or go to the fridge. It's a great deal of opaque-ish liquid and a small layer of settled flour stuff at the bottom.

And I still don't know what on earth I'm doing. Do I just take the liquid as it, using it as the liquid in the recipe for my bread? Do I stir the liquid and settled stuff together then take my amount?

We'll give the liquid bit a try today in a single loaf recipe.

Aside from that, sewing...5 more pairs of boys pants. Then, if there's time, a dress and 6 boy's shirts for a friend. I just don't know that I can get them all finished by the time they are needed, but we'll see.

And this little gem or two...remember those Somali Pirates attacking all those ships? Seems they are idiots. No, really. They attacked the flag ship of the French Navy by mistake. LOL.

And the Health Care Bill...we're at $829 billion of course, billion with a big B, and it will cover about 94% of the population, natural and legally registered.
So, all that money, all that further debt mire, and there will still be a select few (they are expecting closer to 25 million people actually) who won't have diddly. I suppose that's something good...right now they estimate we have about 50 million without coverage of any kind.

Ahh, yes, progress.

Now to go make my own progress...


LizBeth said...

I do you know that you stir the muck gently before measuring it out.

Health coverage. Yuck. We were just switched to BlueCross-BlueShield at work. I think one reason many people are going to feel like it doesn't matter whether or not the government runs it all is that they are tired of being treated like dirt by the big companies as it is already.

The rest of us are looking into alternative methods. Don't have much hope for the whole deal!!

Scarlett said...

I would stir the yeast, but have never used it so I know nothing just follow my gut lol.

I think we could do far better with a Billion dollars!

PlainCatholic said...

Oh aye; local faith-based groups are more effective and more efficient than the government in taking care of the needs in their communities. We can heal hearts, minds and bodies with far less debt. said...

I pour the liquid off - but you can also stir it in. A frustrating thing about most sour dough recipes is that they usually don't tell you how much liquid the starter should have. Some people "feed" their starter with a cup of water and a cup of flour. Some use only 1/2 cup water and 1 cup of flour. And that proportion of flour to water can make all the difference in the recipe! If I use a recipe that's new to me, I put in the amount of sour dough called for and all other ingredients, excluding any water or milk in the recipe. I mix it all up and if it's too dry, I add a little bit of liquid at a time until it's the right consistency. It's usually not too wet, but if it is, I add in a little flour to get it the right consistency. It takes a little practice, but you'll get it figured out in no time! And I'd LOVE to see a picture of your bread!!


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