Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Connecticut Study

Just the links, folks...I'm still formulating a plan of action here. You might keep checking back to these state pages as I am certain to be adding things here and there as time goes on. I will try to remember to mark items as NEW when I do :)

Connecticut History Online

Connecticut State Library this looks to be a spine for our study. It has several links.

Social Studies for Kids
pages...works as a link for every state
Nathan Hale,

Connecticut...The Making of The 50 States there is a link for every state here also

EasyFunSchool has a unit on Connecticut

State of Connecticut Symbols

Enchanted Learning
has a great looking Connecticut unit

Famous Nutmeggers...which I'm guessing is Famous Folks from Connecticut??? That's what I Googled and that page came up first...

A collection of lessons from the US Mint, using that funny American money we have ;)

The Visit Connecticut site

Connecticut's Historical Firsts

And for fun things I know we'll get around to using...Garden of Praise has several resources for good studies

And the Smithsonian For Kids site...not necessarily Connecticut, but still good viewing

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