Monday, October 26, 2009

And the next book is...Island of The Blue Dolphins

Although Robin Hood is coming in a close second. Well, so is the My Side of The Mountain trilogy.

Too many good read-alouds on the book shelf here.

However, should we go with Island of The Blue Dolphins, I found some great bloggers today sharing ideas for lapbooks and such. I need to get more into the whole lapbook evolution (doesn't that look like a fun way to study???)...they look like so much fun!

Notebooking Nook shares her great unit/mini book goodies. It's full of goodies I know we will get alot of use from/

Lapbook Lessons at Ning her finds were for the younger children, which of course we have here as well.

The California Channel Islands
, a page for The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary, The NOAA Page for current conditions around The Channel Islands, and The Commander Islands

Resource links

Here is a good novel Study, weekly assigned reading and activities (it links this page with various rexources for all manner of things) has a great page with resources. We may have to join so we can do these.

Web-Based Thematic Units has a good Teacher page and a good Student page

The Newbury Medal Winners page has several good links to check out. There are pages also for Out of The Dust (about a Dust Bowl family) and Johnny Tremain...keepers for later in our history studies.

The Solution Site...several links to lessons as you go along (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

There are several good "teaching connection theme" ideas at Teachers @ Random

WebQuest has some good links and resources

This is a good page with plenty of linked resources and question ideas

ClassZone has some great 'further reading' and 'related reading' books listed that we might be gathering as well. And just make sure you check out the original page -- there are TONS of great books linked!

Here's a fun interactive site with some goodies to do

Life Stream Center pages on Island of The Blue Dolphins, with chapter by chapter questions and some vocabulary, plus pages for further study on aspects of the novel like the Chumash Indians, California Missions, the real life story of Karana, etc.

PlayhouseSquare has a fun little PDF file available

BookRags has a study guide pack you can purchase

Here's a file from Appalachian State University

Some good ideas to use yourself at SCORE
(I was specifically looking at the baskets made by various tribes...and thinking about pine needle baskets...and pine needle/raffia baskets...basic instructions...for a craft idea)

lots of animal studies...sea otters, elephant seals, island fox, seals, octopus, cormorants, kelp, devil fish, dolphins, of course...etc. to keep us busy. I see alot of Netflix movies geared toward this with nature, National Geographic and Blue Planet.

There is plenty to choose from to design a fun study time for the book, that's for sure. Just need to decide what to do and get a plan in mind :o) If you have any resources you like, other books to read on any of the subjects connected to the story, fun craft ideas, etc. share them please.


Blessedmom said...

Lapbooking looks like so much fun...but honestly, it scares It just looks too complicated for my little brain. The book you chose sounds interesting, we might have to add it to our reading list here as well.

Stephanie said...

Lapbooking is fabulous, especially if you have a struggling writer. Anything can be turned into a mini-book for a lapbook. Basically all it is, is a breaking down of information into bite size pieces. I highly recommend, and make sure to click on "templates listed by divisions", it will guide you to picking which one to use for the amount of information you have.

Thanks for sharing all the resources for Island of the Blue Dolphin, this is on our reading list this year too :)

Have a blessed day!


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