Friday, October 9, 2009

Andthe dinner is...

Looking like beef pot pie tonight. Well, large-family pot pie -- my large lasagna pan filled with veggies, mushrooms, potatoes, beef and gravy and topped with a pie crust.

And dessert...well, the initial plan was pumpkin bread.

However...when you get started and find the last bag of brown sugar is not in the freezer (yet no one marked it off...hmmm), and youhad no pumpkin to begin with...

You shift gear a bit. Down-shift/Jake brake, what-have-you, and make some adjustments. You start with canned sweet potatoes and set them to draining a bit. Then you pull out the fructose and go for the molasses (which is also empty...grrr).

So, you have a "golden syrup" you thought might be an in-a-pinch replacement goodie -- it can be, but we're talkin' *super* jacked up sugar stuff folks. There's nothing even pretending to be healthy here. I wouldn't do it.

Oh, wait...I did :o(

So, we have 2 long loaves, 1 regular loaf and 1 mini loaf of "super jacked up bad sugars sweet potato" bread. It turned out delicious, actually, though I am honestly suspecting that is because of the intense bad sugar levels.

This "golden syrup" stuff is a Southern thing. Maybe not even that. Could be just this particular area, I don't know for sure. The ingredients? I don't want to tell you. You'll think me completely insane.

In order we have "corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar syrup, cane molasses and pure honey".

You'll never come back to read here, now, heh?

Personally I'd come back...a lot...just to watch the effects of all that nasty sugar. I could put out some truly incredible posts...

...under the influence of jacked up sugars.

C' know you wanna see...


Mrs. Arrow said...

Oh my, oh my! Where are my smelling salts?!?

Sometime you just have to sink or swim! Have a great weekend!

I just love your blog and will come back - how could I not. I never know WHAT to expect :)!


Debi said...

Ok so where's the recipe?

That doesn't look too bad. But I am sure that they are all swinging from that fan in the middle of the room. LOL!!

How did the regular bread turn out??

LizBeth said...

Wouldn't miss it for the world!! But don't forget to factor in the slow-down power of the oil or other fat in the sweet potato loaf. That counts for something.

Stone Bridge Farm said...

MMmmmm sounds good to me!


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