Monday, September 14, 2009

Rain again...

Yes, yes, we need a little rain now and then, but every day for the past 8 days or so?

I'm not complaining, makes me feel *autumn like* and a bit housebound cozy. And I don't get that often down here. But the clay...the's just such a pit outside :o( Almost makes me think cementing the entire "yard" is a better idea than leaving grass here and there.

We are trodding away with the camper. Moved several things down back over the weekend. I checked out some necessities and here's where the rubber meets the road. I think given the 'necessity' of it, I could do a well-built (and prettied up) critter-secure outhouse. Maybe. I think.

But the bathroom in the camper is a no go. Good grief that thing is TINY. Now, I can use it for storage...I'd love to take it apart and put shelving in and go for a nice pantry!

But no, no, just standing in there gives me the willies. I'm too claustrophobic for that. Seriously. (One time I poked my head under my mother's desk to connect a computer cable and liked to have hyper-ventilated myself!)

Now there's a nice camp potty...but that looks like a child's training potty. I'd laugh myself hysterical trying to consider using that one. And you have the stand-by 5-gallon bucket with seat attached. I just don't know that I could make that work, either.

And I want to go off-grid :o(
And I dare call myself a homesteader :o(

I've got issues, folks. I mean, I have to work out the cooking yet -- until I get the lean-to built up. And I have to work out heating, such as it is here in MS, but they are calling for a real old fashioned winter this year. But the potty...this thing just has me all bent out of shape.

Practicalities in front, it has to happen. I just have to get over it and put something together. There's no two ways about it. And before you ask, of course I've been camping before. And I always manage to find 'real' bath facilities when needed. It's just part of my requirements.

Stop smirking -- I'm determined to make this off-grid camper cabin a go. What I might lack, large as it is, in potty preparedness, my determination will more than conquer. I'm stubborn past the bone.

Today we'll have some school in the camper. We moved a bunch of school things back there. I need to take the small dry-erase board with us to put up. And I get cell service back there -- we can use the computer on days it's needed. know.


Mrs. Trixi said...

I don't know if you follow Michael Bunker's blog
but all of the people that live out there have outhouses and it works well.
I know what you mean about the desire to be off grid. Mine grows stronger everyday. I wathched a clip about the They are living majority off grid on 1/10 of an acre. You would think I could with all of this land out here.

LizBeth said...

Reading Little House and thinking of you. Watch out for the bears! Liz

Innisfree in Alaska said...

I have used an outhouse many many times and it gets kinda cold in the winter and scary in the dark. But maybe a composting toilet in the house... I would do that!

sister Brenda/haflinger said...

Hi Deanna this post makes me laugh. I grew up using an outhouse. And see many woods to have a pit stop. LOL.. Please send me email with your address I have seem to misplaced yours.. Thanks..
BLessings Sister Brenda Maine.


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