Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just pondering...

If the flu is typical, run-of-the-mill this year and folks don't think anything more about it than any other year's viral run, why are so many school districts around the country citing much higher than normal absenteeism with all the standard and H1N1 symptoms?

And if the media is making the H1N1 just a hyped-up scare blitz, why aren't they reporting these school closures over flu symptoms...instead of pushing them under the rug?

And if so many medical professionals are non-chalant about the whole thing, typical flu or H1N1, why are they pushing the typical flu shots so much harder this year -- with billboard ads, newspaper articles and editorials, commercial ads on radio and television?

We don't do flu shots here, not "swine" not everyday run-of-the-mill. If you do, that's up to you, but it's not worth the argument for us.

I'm just wondering why, this year above any other, with one of the worst outbreaks of "flu" this country has seen in decades, the CDC changes their long-standing protocols in the middle of the game and creates so much dissention among even their own ranks, and builds nothing but misunderstanding and chaos among the common folk.

Maybe, if the rules hadn't been changed midstream, these communities wouldn't be closing schools because of mass outbreaks, above and beyond any 'normal' flu season. Maybe, the news would be sharing the truth of the school closings and the numbers of patients being hospitalized with H1N1. Maybe, the government and the WHO and the CDC would be stopping the organized, premeditated 'run' on H1N1 vaccines instead of stockpiling their own waiting on the major outbreaks of resistant virus to strike as last year.

Just wondering how much money those medical professionals get from Big Pharma to hock their useless shots in the middle of what is still labeled as a Pandemic in this country.


LizBeth said...

I don't know. The whole thing looks pretty screwy. The only person I know personally -- face-to-face, by name -- who has an opinion is my doctor who is a honest, Christian man with a fine reputation in this area. I just don't know what to make of it. Guess we'll just have to keep watching, but I do have a stash of supplies for whatever and we aren't hangin' out with crowds!

Deanna said...

That's what I'm wondering. They've been really pushing flu shots this year -- flyers all over the college in town, billboards, radio spots.

Yet, all indicationsare that traditional flu resources won't touch the H1N1 anyway.

Just seems one hand hasn't a clue what the other hand is doing. LOL...more like each finger doesn't know what any other finger is doing, let alone the hand!

I'm with you on keeping close to home and being my own crowd :o)


azzulviolet said...

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