Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You can still call me 'Mater...

We picked up another 100# this morning and a dozen bell peppers.

I noticed I had used the last of the peppers the other week, so it was time for more. I'll keep getting more of them, but this is a start. I like to dry them and keep them on hand, but the last several baggies were just sliced thin in the freezer. We grab them to add to scrambled eggs and omelets, soups, stews, beans, etc.

So, we are back in the dicin' maters business here on the homestead.

When we got home, I took the bushhog out for a spin and knocked down quite a bit. It's hot out there. Not much in the way of breeze really. Thought I was drinking plenty, but evidently not. I made about an hour and half mowing the high areas we rarely get to and parked the tractor behind the barn. Man, it was all I could do to walk up to the house. My legs and arms were shaking up a storm and I really wanted to just sit down. Knew I'd never get inside that way, so I kept going. I came in and headed straight to the shower and just let some room temp water trickle over me until I felt better.

Ahh, I don't shake like I'm going thru the DT's anymore, my head still aches a bit but that's just par for the course in the heat of summer for me. I sure feel cooler...and I'm sure I smell a far sight prettier now too :o). I was soaked through.

I wonder -- can you really sweat away fat and pounds? I could make that work for me :o)
Too bad I'm not courageous enough to take a dip in that nasty pond :o)

This Week's Needs:
*Canning tomatoes
*Cleaning and delabeling 30 Lay's Stackables cans for VBS (making rainsticks...have to paint them and drill holes and hot glue skewers in, too)
*Canning tomatoes
*Cutting 5 pinafores -- dresses already cut for sewing
*Cut 2 nightgowns and 3 PJ pants
*canning tomatoes
*working on that special project

Outside the children will finish barn chores --
*goat pen cleaned
*chicken coop cleaned (we relocated chickens today to prepare for this)
*hand mow and weed eat
*dog runs cleaned

All our schooling so far has been oral work...reading aloud, memory verses, reciting math facts, reciting the parts of speech, etc. We did some cut-n-paste worksheets with the youngers yesterday and this morning, but mostly it's their driling each other with flashcards or reciting facts about whatever. Poor things...they come through the kitchen and Mom attacks with "name the vowels" or "say your 9's tables".

Maybe that's why they seem to scatter and stay away from me? I noticed no one wanted much Mom time. They came running when I sat down last night and put Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in, though :o)

A Mother just knows what works...


Blessedmom said...

Hey Mater,

I love that movie! It's one of my favorites!

I am sure your list will keep you plenty busy for a long while, and be careful in that heat. It can be so dangerous if you're not.

Well, my cleaning challenge is back on, since I (hmm-hmm) postponed our school start date from August 3 to September 14. Full explanation over at my place. I will be working away for the next 6 weeks getting my act together and my home where it needs to be.

Have fun with your maters!


ShilohMom said...

I really enjoy your blog! I home school too and know exactly what you are saying. My son will be in 11th grade this month. He tends to shy away when I get into that "new year" mindset. After a few months, then we get back to every day business. I cannot really help it -- my favorite time of year was always the first month of school. I LOVED getting ready for school, doing school, being in school.

Sigh! I just have two more years and then I am done. What will I do then? LOL! I doubt hubby wants me to drill him in his math facts :o)!

Donna and Greg said...

Great Movie! My kids like the "State Fair" movie also. Its getting them motivated to work on their fair projects.


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