Friday, August 28, 2009

Prayers for a work mate

Irritates me to no end how hospitals operate, but it's only going to get worse


A co-worker of Dewey's names James McLean had a mild heart attack last night after work.

Please keep him in prayer as he was released to go home this morning at some point -- with blood preesure readings still in the 200's over 200's! Because, essentially, he has crappy or no insurance.

Unreal the health system around here sending someone with thatkind of bp home after diagnosing a mild heart attack.


Stephanie said...

Prayers being said. My father is in the hospital as well, but all is looking well. We are more fortunate than the gentleman you mention, as he has a fabulous doctor and the hospital has been amazing.

LizBeth said...

Scary. Don't know what it will take to get help. What they are proposing in Congress now is frightening, but I'm becoming just as concerned by many of the other guys who think everything is okay just like it is. Heard one commentator yesterday say that good coverage is already available to everybody - if the poor people would stop using their "discretionary funds" on beer, smokes, and cable TV instead of buying health insurance. Made me mad. I know lots of good people who are just barely getting by, and they aren't spending money on junk.


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