Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pay It Forward Note

I have 3 ladies for sure, possibly a 4th we'll hear from.

Perfect timing as Prairie Mom posted her closure and a great little nutshell update I will share here:

If you are new to PIFs, here is how it works:

I wrote an invitation for 3 people to participate. Each one will receive a handmade item from me.

Once I have confirmed who is participating, the participants then post about PIFs on their own blogs and ask for 3 people wanting to join in.

They send a handmade item to each person and so on.The handmade items can be anything. It is really up to the sender what they want to mail out.

There is no rigid time frame, but I recommend that you mail something out within a month so that you don't forget. Most small crafts can be made and shipped in that time frame.

Participating in PIFs is a lot of fun....both for the sender and the recipient.

So, in a nutshell, the 3 ladies who are participating in this PIF will be posting on their blogs and asking for 3 people to join in. They will then make & send a handmade item to each participant.

And I am working on my gifts this's pushing 104 heat index outside!

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