Monday, August 10, 2009

Dreary Monday?

Sort of, but not really. It was looking a bit rainy earlier, but now the sun has crept around a bit. Laundry is heading out to the lines...probably start raining any time now because of that.

Keep Abbey in prayer today. After making about a hundred calls Thursday, we got her into a dentist. A back tooth was really kicking her behind. She was alternating between Motrin and Tylenol to keep from crying non-stop it hurt so bad (and you know I don't resort to OTC's for much of anything!) Well, it's a cavity and it just flat out took out that tooth in short order. We could get it filled, but it's a baby tooth, it's going to be on its way out fairly soon (for typical tooth loss estimates) so we are having it pulled. Well, she is having it pulled. She's been on antibiotics all weekend prepping for this visit in about an hour (11:30). She's ok with it, but she is a bit nervous. She's never had a tooth pulled, let alone one that is held in nice and snug as this one is. But, we've managed to keep her occupied with pleasant thoughts -- like it won't be so bad, they have ways to coax a tight tooth out without running her through the wringer. She knows she'll be sore later for a while, even if mainly from having a large hand pressing into her small mouth, let alone having a tooth popped out of its comfort zone.

Dewey is off in Arkansas getting the fire door stuff wrapped up. Should be heading back this afternoon, we hope. It sort of sent Emily for a loop last night. She kept waking up asking if Dad was coming back to sleep on his pillow. She wanted in with me when no Dad appeared at bedtime, then seemed concerned that maybe he would show up late and want his pillow back. Poor thing...slept on top of me most the night just waiting on him to get back and claim his side of the bed! Was hardly a restful night for any of us.

Schooling today will be catching up on Nim's Island reading and notebooking, math sheets from our workboxes, and reading/phonics. The olders will be preparing some fabric for cutting out the next round of dresses. I hope to get the special project pin-basted and start on the finish work today.

But, best laid plans and all...who knows what we'll accomplish today. It's not we should be hitting the yard and getting it worked over to something that resembles clear and non-junkyard in appearance. Coop is cleaned, so the chickens need to get back home in there. Hay rack needs relocating and the gate moved for better access to the goats. And man alive does Malachi need to be relocated to the back of the barn. way back behind the barn would be great. He is interested in obtaining some date time with a few females :o) He literally skips through his pen with his tongue hanging out, just prancing like he thinks he might be part Lipizzaner Stallion troop! He needs his bachelor pad (pasture) set up and ready for dates.

Well...prayers for Abbey and out the door we go!

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