Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pay It Forward Give-Away

Hmmm...well, honestly, you can all start up your PIF Give-Away any time.

I'm hoping to have my items ready to send out before we leave out for Illinois.

LOL...don't go wild on me...I'd feel bad if ya'll sent your off before mine went out!


Blessedmom said...

Don't worry about that, I'll be happy to get mine even posted before you send yours out. lol.

Stone Bridge Farm said...

LOL...I think I will wait until I receive yours...that will give me more time to figure out what I want to send. :0)

Donna and Greg said...

I just posted mine...sorry it has taken so long. Out of town trip, unexpected company and a bad cold (thankfully not all at the same time, but one right after the other. And I had not idea that you could can butter...very interesting.


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