Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Innesfree in Alaska...

I can not leave a comment on your blog :o( but wanted to remind you to drop me an email with your mailing info if you still want to be in on this round of the Pay It Forward Give-Away.

handsnheartsfarm (at) yahoo (dot) com is where you can send it for the Give-Away.

I will be hosting a Round 2 later in the autumn or early winter I think.

And I am hoping to get my give-aways mailed off end of the month or as soon as we return from up north.



Blessedmom said...

Hey Deanna, when do we post about the pay it forward on our blog, now or when we recieve our package?


Stone Bridge Farm said...

I was wondering the same.

LizBeth said...


I'll send you an email at your handsnheartsfarm (at) yahoo (dot) com pretty soon. Just wanted to let you know it's me, not some whack-job.

Well, there are those who would disagree . . . . .



Jeremiah 6:16
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