Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mid-Day Homestead Break

Ok, we have another 200 ft of fencing just about up. Malachi will be tickled to have so much more space, and we can pull up the cattle panels in the backyard then to use other places. Starting in September, our big boy will get to entertain at least one doe, if not 2, for a full month. We will breed all the older Nubians and save little Miss Rachel for next year I think. And Abbey-goat, the uppity, seeing-eye companion will also get her turn with Malachi.

We have 5 loads of laundry just about dry on the line and bed linens are out to the line next. Did I mention I really do like this washing machine? I have sheets and pillow slips from our queen and 4 twins in that one load and it isn't even grunting :o).

We have bread made, and Johanna is working on a double batch of peanut butter cookies. The Prairoie Gold turns out a way better cookie than high gluten flour does! We used chunky PB this time -- yum. I will make a double batch of the oatmeal bread tonight to rise in the fridge for baking in the morning. We knocked out those 2 loaves in short order.

I have been fabric cutting much of the morning, with 11 aprons to my slow credit so far. I altered the sizes a bit, so midstream I had to whip a couple together to make sure they were fitted well. They are pinafores, so perfect sizing isn't required, but I did need to make sure I hadn't over shot the neckline/shoulder size :o).

Two of those aprons are for me. My last favorite apron is barely able to dry hands now there areso many worn spaces!
I made it about 16 yrs ago, just after Jennifer was born and let me tell you that poor thing has lived an over-filled life!
Swaddled a good 6 babies after baths, gathered up countless eggs and fresh veggies from the garden, carried newborn chicks from incubator to brooder, caught a couple wayward roaming roosters, puppies and kittens, pulled numerous casseroles, cookies sheets and pie tins from the oven, wiped virtually could put that poem, Grandmother's Apron, to good test!

It was time for a new one. I picked up the fabric a few months ago-- well, a long while back, wasn't it Debi? The last great apron was made from a remnant of upholstery fabric :o). A bit stiff out of the gate, but man how it softened up over the years! I just washed and hung it to dry like any other item, and it softened beautifully over the years. So, at Hobby Lobby a while back, I noticed a sale on some upholstery fabrics and Debi and I picked out a pretty light blue floral. And it has sat,waiting patiently, for me to decide it was time (way past time) to retire ol' blue. I'll post a picture this week :o)

Our count now is 14 aprons and 8 dresses. Time to start sewing. Still need a couple nightgowns, 3 pj sets and at least 6 bloomers...but if worse comes to worse, I can make the trip with just what's ready for the machine.

As soon as we get home, though, the scissors and sewing machine will be smokin' again. We need shirts, pants, fall jackets, church coverings...just everyday clothes still.

I have 4 PIF's ready and am working on the last one now. I like to do the crocheting in the evenings when we watch a movie. I can't sit idle, and with Dewey home he's been wanting to watch something. Last night it was the last couple episodes of Five Mile Creek. Tonight all we have is Cats, the musical. Can't remember all of it, if the youngers will watch or not. I'd rather read -- we are debating starting Island of The Blue Dolphins or the My Side of the Mountain trilogy. Both are good :o). We also have Robin Hood waiting its turn.

Decisions, decisions.


Stone Bridge Farm said...

Busy, busy! I am looking forward to re-teaching myself to sew. My mother gave me her old sewing machine. I cannot wait. My head is filling with ideas!

Anonymous said...

For a read aloud I highly reccommend "Tucketts Travels" It is a comp. of 5 smaller books . Based on a real life story and has a young teen boy as the focal character .
My favorite apron is made of denim ! I never thought of using ulp. fabric ! How neat ! I may have to try that next time I need one !
Blessings !


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