Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lessons from 4 worms

Hmmm...well, my first thought is what a waste of good worms. And chocolate.

Yeah, ok...maybe my first sarcastic-self thought was the same as the story...

...But my second thought came right on its heels, and it was about a waste of good compost critter aids and perfectly good chocolate!

:::Four Worms and a lesson to be learned:

A minister decided that a visual demonstration would add emphasis to his Sunday sermon. Four worms were placed into four separate jars.

The first worm was put into a container of alcohol.
The second worm was put into a container of cigarette smoke.
The third worm was put into a container of chocolate syrup.
The fourth worm was put into a container of good clean soil.

At the conclusion of the sermon, the Minister reported the following results:
The first worm in alcohol -Dead.
The second worm in cigarette smoke - Dead
Third worm in chocolate syrup -Dead
Fourth worm in good clean soil -Alive.

So the Minister asked the congregation -What did you learn from this demonstration?

Maxine was sitting in the back, quickly raised her hand and said,

'As long as you drink, smoke and eat chocolate, you won't have worms!'

That pretty much ended the service!


Lisa said...

Out of the mouths of babes!

Can I just eat the chocolate to avoid having worms??

LizBeth said...

I'm with you on the chocolate! And sometimes, I wonder what kids really get out of "children's sermons."


Jeremiah 6:16
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