Friday, August 21, 2009

Did you know GOD has partners?

I certainly didn't.
Obviously, Obama is living under some other god, because MY God does not have need of "partners". Especially concerning matters of life and death.
I'm having a real hard time understanding how the man even has the gall to claim Christianity in one news conference, then place himself on any sort of level with God inthe next.

And did you hear the hype about that 'town meeting' in Arizona and some protesters showing up outside carrying pistols, rifles and assorted firearms?

The first thing spewed across the mainstream media was it was a blatant racial comment. Black president (yeah, well...) And gun-toting protesters. It was all obviously akin to KKK stuff, right?

Sure. Except the man so carefully NOT shown full face on mainstream media happened to be black himself. They were very careful to crop his skin out of any shots and just show the firearms.

And this twisted media is where most of you collect your H1N1 information, your latest news about the state of our economy, your ObamaCare information.

Talk about leading sheep to the slaughter.

But that's just me. I suppose unless you are there in the front row, in the flesh, no one ever gets the full truth of anything spewing from the goverment portals anymore.
Still, it's rather obvious that tuning in Fox, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC or whoever else is out there blowing smoke in your face at dinner time is just a waste of time unless you just like background noise during dinner.

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