Wednesday, August 26, 2009

all those photo's I mentioned...and homeschooling

Always slow on the photo things, I know. But, highly skilled with technical things as I am (stop laughing...anytime now...) I am just getting on the actual computer instead of just following life through the Blackberry. There is a good way, I'm sure to send more than one photo from Blackberry to my blog in a single post, but honestly, I've never even tried.

We've had our single outing for the week now. Middle child had that other dentist visit this morning. They did some pre-meds on her this time, due to the amount of pain and suffering from the last extractions. She's a bit loopy but feeling no pain. We came home -- took longer for the pain meds to work than it did to pull the two teeth -- grabbed water jugs and headed to the spring. We only had to fill 7 jugs today, but I thought we should just in case the great weather didn't hold out for us until next week's trip.

Here is the camper -- in need of some work in these pictures, but it's all finished now. We have cleaned, scrubbed, de-bugged any possible critters and are ready to move in any time really. I will be using a cooler for a while until I work out some sort of refrigeration. And maybe a camp potty until, well, just until.

the "spacious" main living area up front :o) note that fine looking camper commode there...they had purchased a new one before selling it. Someone along the line also had carpet there are a few stray carpet tacks with icky red strings on them in this photo yet. In real life, though, all cleaned up :o)

And the palatial cooking area, dining room and there behind that shop vac, a bedroom. The back window you see there is above the existing to the tiniest shower tub I have ever seen in my life. Oh my...can you just see my claustrophic self in that thing! No, I'll find a great water trough bathrub for al'fresco soaking, thank you very much.

Here is the location -- edge of the pasture at the back clearing. A wonderful view of my goat ladies. Nicely shaded in morning and late afternoon when the sun beats me to death down here.

And, hard to see, but along that tree line, about 11 feet from the edge of the camper, that will be the outside of the addition I want to add. It will be dual-purpose...I like things with multiple it will actually be a lean-to, coming from about a 14 ft height on the other side of the camper, sloping down to about 10 ft high along these trees. A nice roof that will eventually be enclosed on this side for more usable and practical living space for the camper. Later, if and when the camper moves elsewhere, we will finish enclosing the sides and leave the 14 ft high edge open and then wrap the pasture out to the clearing and around this drive, making a nice sized animal barn back there. LOL...who knows, by that point, there could even be some electricity out this far.

The clearning behind the camper here is where we originally planned to build, but given the neighbors apparent joy at running 4-wheelers along the property and running dogs here and there, we decided maybe it wasn't the best location.

And the sewing continues...these are some of the aprons/pinafores cut out. The fabric is a pretty torquise in real life...looks a bit more 'blue' here than green. And that rose shade. We also cut some pretty navy with small cabbage style roses, and a mint green with pale green tiny print/vine. Oh, and a powder blue. One of my aprons is in that rose shade, another in the powder blue, and then...

this is the one from the upholstery material. It worked up so pretty! Can't wait to put it to use and give it a work out washing and softening it up.

We are having some growing pains and fire trials here in the family that need resolving soon or sanity will take a ride elsewhere. I know...and I say my middle daughter is the drama queen in the family. Seriously, we have some things fighting against the sanctity of this family and one way or another, something is going to give way. Any prayers would be coveted greatly.

And the homeschooling fun...Day 3 and we are behind. Now, one friend said that I've doled out far too much work. I disagree. Were we in public school, there would be at least this much daily. It's merely one lesson each subject. Yes, there is a great deal of reading and writing...hello, it's called high school folks. Here's the breakdown --

Bible lesson every morning -- we are actually following the Church of Christ/Zion, IL lessons, I'm not actually CofC, but I do like these outlines and questions. Basic, to the point, no frills and pretty pictures. I've only been to one CofC and at the time, I sort of thought it was a rather disjointed kind of service...someone spoke a Scripture, someone else popped up with a verse that sort of connected to it, someone sang a verse or two to a was pretty different and honestly, I couldn't follow the point for the sermon much at all. So...I'm not saying use it or not. We just like the layout and scope of the lessons we have reviewed so far.

Math -- we use Rod & Staff for math. Approximately 30 questions...sometimes 40, sometimes 60...varies with the topic of the lesson. There is a quiz every now and again, and a test per chapter.

English -- again, Rod & Staff is our spine here.

Reading and Spelling -- we cover different things, but in the scope of main schooling, we are using the Pathway Readers on all levels. This consists of a reading selection, sometimes a couple of poems, other times a story on a theme. Could be 3 pages, could be more or less. The selection is read, then there is a page or two of corresponding questions to answer. Kind of a comprehension thing really. Then, in conjunction with the reading for 5-8th grades, there is the Working with Words workbook that is done, following each story selection. We also do a page or two lesson from the spelling book.

History -- well, we don't use a 'curriculum' here for that. We have a large college level text on Colonial America that is sometimes a bit dry for reading, but full of information (if you can stay awake). Each section read is summarized by the student, either written or oral. That usually only goes over for a short term, so for long term reading and history, we are working through the set of Heroes of History we have here from YWAM Publishing. No, I am not endorsing anything...I just like the layout of these books as read-alouds for some of our history work. I use them as a base and add from there with various finds at the library and online. We work through the books about one a month, with assorted projects and hands-on skills with each.

Science -- we're working along most of The Outdoor Hour files using our Handbook of Nature Study. They do part if not all of a given lesson daily. We tried some standard boxed science but it just doesn't tend to blend well with our style of schooling. No, I don't know that I have any kind of definable style. I am just eclectic :o) But you already knew that, heh?

Geography -- we are loving the Trail Guide to US Geography. It's alot of fun and all levels can easily work on the same projects to varying degrees. Of course, you know me...never satisfied. I would like to get Galloping The Globe and Cantering The Country. Of course, I'd like to check out Trail Guide to Learning as it really looks like something we would enjoy. I may start collecting the required books for reading and place an order next year or so.

Saturdays and perhaps Sundays between church, we will work on some projects from Keepers at Home and Contenders of The Faith this year as well.

And...GRANDMA ALERT...I'm also adding these and this one to the wish list here...hint hint Grandma...

So -- I suppose, from a typical homeschool is fun point of view, that is alot of work for one day (remember, though, the history and science are drawn out a bit) and judging from Day 3 here, it is more than the olders bargained for, but really, it's not that much. One lesson in the main subjects is not a bad thing for children 11 years and up. They werent happy with the blending, so now they have to go it alone. I still dont see it lasting the week...


Diane said...

Love the idea of the trailer. I have been looking one for me to live in. Haven't found the "one" yet. I always imagine mine being located under some beautiful trees full of singing birds and a gentle stream bubbling over the rocks...awwww sweet music! Yes it is a dream and this dream is in The Lord's hands....and dreams can come true!

Stephanie said...

I personally don't think that is an over the top amount of schoolwork, but I am a stickler lol. My 11yr old is doing Reading w/a journal, Science, Math, History, Spelling each day, with extra's thrown in.

Ehhh, they will get used to it.

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing! Wish I could get over my frustration of sewing machines to sew as much as you do, guess I will just plug along hand sewing.


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