Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making Soap yourself


There are some great recipes here...shampoo bars, a strong bar for cleaning hands, a couple great goat's milk soap.

That's the one I want to try. Got to get another stick blender, and that palm oil...???

And what to use for the molds? I've only made soap once, and I just bought those drawer dividers to use. Probably do that again. They work nicely.

We have lots of milk saved up in the fridge. Just need the time now. I'd like to get some fruits and start dehydrating them for storage, plus all the local veggies are coming in and canning will take off. Always something on the list, heh?

Anyone made soap at home? Any tips to share, recipes, etc? We want to start with a good basic, everyday soap and maybe work up from there later on.

Oh another great website, with photo's and all --


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