Monday, July 20, 2009

Living Room - Before

Good grief.

I can't believe I'm going to post this as we get started.

You are all going to think I'm a complete clutterbug, pack rat, pig-sty homesteader :o( But here it is.

This is the wall unit/desk. It sits in the living room along with the buffet (that's to the right, the ironing board is in front of it) and the piano (behind me taking the picture). I long ago got rid of the couch and ther is just one soft chair now. Without a TV there just wasn't a need for the couch taking up all that space.

Honestly, the ironing board will still be in the 'after' photo. I use it daily here. Right now there are 4 dresses and pinafores on it waiting their turn at the sewing machine, and a couple pairs of pants for the boys. It's just part of daily life here. I may get my dedicated sewing room back once we close the front porch in and move the wood stoves there, but for now, I have what I have.

The bookcases need organizing and sorted some for this year. These are all our schooling books for math/English for 8 years. We are in several different levels at a time here.

The accumulated junk lying in front of the desk is just that...mostly junk that needs sorting and getting rid of. My VBS materials need to go to church, the yarn tub is just about finished -- working up several granny squares for the Ladies Gathering projects at church. The rest is papers that need filing or a trip to the burn pile.

It's a mess.
It's my Day One Home Challenge project -- what's yours?


Blessedmom said...

I feel your was hard putting up the picture of my kitchen this morning, but the Lord is working on that nasty pride of mine too.

As of right now, we have the dishwasher unloaded and another load being started. The kids are helping out with that, then I will get in to the nitty gritty cleaning.

Our family room is tomorrow, and actually it will probably look almost exactly as yours does only with a couch and tv. We have our school table and a big bookshelf and cabinet with all of our school books. As of right now, we can't find the table, so you are one step ahead of me. That is a struggle we have here, we have the same table here for school as we do eating, and for some reason no body here can remember to put their books up after they are done for the day. That will have to change.

I do actually have a sewing room/playroom, and it has somehow become the storage room, which is why I moved my sewing machine out into the family room, so that will be one area we will be working on later this week. We now have a storage building for all that stuff so I may actually be able to reclaim my sewing room during this challenge.

Well, I'm off to get back to work! I can't wait to see the after!


Stone Bridge Farm said...

Doesn't everyone have clutter? I began doing this exact thing a few months back. We are "downgrading". I have boxed up tons of stuff. We will be having a huge yard sale soon. What doesn't sell goes to the local salvation army and thrift stores. And trust me...mine looked just as yours does.

In my eyes...clutter and stuff of this world holds us to it and blocks the reception we get from God. Once we simplify and declutter...the picture God wants us to see gets very clear.

Now our house looks like we are moving because of all of the boxes, but at least it is neat

Deanna said...

You don't have to tell me that! It provides nothing but a thick wall between myself and God. I'm distracted easily by the clutter that is around me, but it gets overwhelming to deal with all at once. It crept up slowly enough, but cleaning and organizing it takes time.

Wish we could make a little money with a yard sale, but we're too rural for that. Goodwill here it comes!


Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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