Monday, July 20, 2009

dining room before.jpg

This one isn't nearly as bad.

The children looked at the other picture and then at the same area of the living room and thought it looked worse in the photo. I told them that's the view everyone else has -- we are more adjusted to it in real life because it was a gradual clulttering.

The dining room isn't bad. It's the back half of the living room, and really all that's there is the table, school boards, TV and my sewing machine.

The TV used to be in a cubby at the end of the sewing machine, but we moved it to a table stand now. I liked it better tucked out of the way. But with Dewey coming home, it does make it better suited for a video now and then I suppose. Dewey isn't likely to sit at the table to watch a movie.

My sewing machine is always out. It sits to the left of the photo, under the island to the kitchen.

The dining room isn't really messy. Not enough stuff to be messy.

My biggest problem here is space I think. Everything we have is large -- a 9ft table and 10 chairs, a 6ft buffet, the piano, the wall unit/desk takes up an entire wall (LOL...yeah, I know, that's why it called a wall unit). I don't have small furniture. Everything is big and has a large footprint.

It's hard to organize and situate for the most space when everything is so big.

We have basic needs really and don't need a lot of space -- although I really miss my sewing room :o). And I'd love to have a schoolhouse area. I'd like our own little red schoolhouse, out in the back clearing, near the pond path. Maybe eventually...we do still have some 15 years of schooling before we're through.

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