Monday, June 1, 2009

Want to do a quilt-along with me?

Yeah, I know....I need another project here like I need poison ivy on my face.

Oh, wait -- already have the poison ivy covered face.

Might as well tackle another project then!

I absolutely *love* Crazy Mom Quilts blog. That is where the plan for that raggedy block quilt I have cut and stacked came from.

If you go to my church, close your eyes and don't read! Shhh....don't tell but we are working on one of those at church, too. The Sunday school children and I. It's a secret though.

Now, what I'm thinking is this -- I like accountability. I need accountability. I'm forever a work-in-progress and gee-willikers, I wanna be on just one list of "completed projects" for a change. Is that so bad?

I have scraps.

I have lots of scraps.

I need quilts for beds. Lots of them, too.

We don't have to share blocks (unless anyone wants to...), we just have to share in the journey together. Nothing too fancy, at least not for me. I was thinking a simple block a day being made, with the first week being cutting time and prep work. Simple blocks, like Ragged Squares, or an HourGlass Block, or just a cute little Baby Log Cabin Block. Crazy Mom even has a great tutorial on Quilt-a-Long, week by week with different blocks. There are some neat ones in that tutorial.

Either way, the point is use your fabric stash if you have one...go ahead and buy new if you don't. I'm using the TON of scraps I have here. I am thinking I will try to do several blocks, the log cabin and ragged squares for sure. I get bored with one style when I work. It's that Type A life I lead I guess. Always looking to see if there is something more perfect waiting for me. But, good things come from indecision sometimes...I think I could get a good sampler quilt with some simple 9-patch, the log cabins and the ragged squares.

One block a day. Even one block a week. You can manage to not only cut back on the amount of fabric scraps lurking in the corners, but you can get quilt top ready to go in such a little time.

I need to reduce and reuse around here. It's just my duty...I need to be more green with my daily life. I need to stimulate my own economy for a change -- by using what I have instead of always wanting to buy new. I have that addiction, you know.

So anyone want to join me in a Quilt-a-Long for a while? Whatever you can do -- pick a block design or two, sort your stash and then stitch up a block a day or a block each week. Drop me a note and let me know where you are with your projects if you decided to join me with this. I may need some time getting it off the ground (or out of the boxes here) because much of my stash is sitting far away in a corner of that closet that needs attention. That is part of that challenge I mentioned last week or so.

See how neat I tied everything together for you? Dejunk a room, use your stash of fabrics and you get a clean and tidy, simplified space and a quilt top to boot. Man, it's like a free apple pie at McDonalds :o)

Speaking of a Sonic nearby? All of our local ones are having FREE RootBeer Floats this Wednesday from 8 pm to midnight. Maybe yours is too! Check it out -- you might need to cool off after all that cleaning and purging to get the quilt-a-long going!


Blessedmom said...

I'm in for this too. I have a dresser full of fabric as well as boxes, and boxes, and boxes of the stuff. I'm bound and determined to get my fabric stash down to just the dresser. I've been working on rag dolls for gifts and selling, but I also am needing to get some quilts made for everyone's beds, as those cheap ones that we have had for years had to be tossed due to the fact they only hold up to maybe 5 washings before they fall apart. I'll have to decide if I want to make a sampler quilt or a rag quilt or maybe a sampler rag quilt. Hmm, the brains a churning....


Anonymous said...

I feel like I can do this; a quilt block a day. One a week if things get hectic. I need to ground myself in real activities, not just online or mental ones and this would help. Plus, here in rural Northern CA it gets really HOT and I could do this indoors. Thanks for the idea!



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