Thursday, May 28, 2009

How our homeschool works

Ok, I've shared a few times here and there about our schooling. I am a book junkie. I am a curriculum junkie. I always look over the fences of other homeschoolers and wonder if I am using the best, having some fun with projects, finding the greatest resources, etc.

Vicious cycle that fence-looking is. The grass always looks so much prettier over in someone else's homeschool yard.

Well, as I browsed a bit while paying bills here, I just got caught up in some schooling blogs. Some of them just look like they have so much fun. Now I'm not much of an "unschooler" really -- I'm all about schedules and assignments and some sense of order. You know, Type A in everything.

But, I do tend to wander (alot....and quite aimless most times) with science and history. I like those subjects, I really do, I just get bored very easily with them. That certainly isn't teaching much of an example to the brood here.
But, I think we have stumbled on some fun -- with plenty of learning involved.

Math and all assorted Grammar issues are covered with our 'core' curriculum, or spine. We use Rod & Staff for those areas. But, I want to have some fun -- life can't always be textbooks and copywork, right?

Geography Matters
has a great collection of books and such for learning, well, geography. We found a lot of things I'd like to get, and might at some point. Today, however, I contained myself (because I had some Amazon goodies to order!) and we went with the Trail Guide to Us Geography and the CD set for all 3 grade levels to go along with it. Notebooking for History sounds like fun, and gives us some great projects. We're excited. I'd like to check out the Galloping The Globe and Cantering the Country books as well. Of course, I wouldn't mind checking out The Trail Guide to World Geography if the US one works out well, either.

My Amazon order was trying to save a little money. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I don't mind used books at all, but I do prefer hardcover when possible -- just too many hands to go through here to want to fuss with paperback flimsiness.
We ordered:
The American Patriot's Almanac, William J Bennett
The Story of America: The First 500 Years, D. Fran Morely
Country by Country, Millie Miller
State by State, Millie Miller
Smart About The 50 States, Jon Buller

Those last 3 were a package grouping. I like groupings :o)

Now, between these additions and our finally getting around to following a bit more of a scheduled nature study using our Handbook of Nature Study book, we are going to have plenty of fun and goodies to keep the youngers happy and enough textbook and copywork to keep me happy. If you don't already have Anna Botsford Comstock's nature book, GET IT. It is well worth whatever price you find it at, but if worse comes to worse and you simply can't get another book into the budget right now, it's available online here.

Harmony Fine Arts has a great blog based on The Handbook of Nature Study and it is definitely a must-visit. She has all the links for The Outdoor Hour Challenge, which, slow as I am with so many things, we are moving full ahead with. I know -- summer is looming here (hit 104 yesterday with all that humidity! UGH and triple UGH) and now I'm starting outdoor stuff. I'm a bit insane at times as well. Sure you already noticed that.

At any rate, there you go...a bit of a peek at what's on our school desks as we roll into our summer session. Yes, we school year-round. We have to. We tend to break far too often for gardening, canning, and just plain life on the we just keep plugging along with no carved-in-stone start and finish dates. As a subject is completed, they simply graduate into the next level. LOL....yes, we do appear to be a bit of a mess around here in areas aside from simply clutter, don't we? It works though -- at least with the schooling!


Blessedmom said...

We are currently using McGuffey's mixed with a few pathway readers, and Math with Spunky from R&S, and Practial Artithmetic for the older ones. But for all other studies, we are following more of a Charlotte Mason approach with living books and nature study. And I think we've finally found our happy place. lol. I don't feel the need to search around all over the place any more which is a nice feeling. We used CLE for the first 2 years and what we're doing now is much more our style. I will definately check out the Nature study book, it sounds great.


Amy said...

I'll add a book recc. in there....Material World and What The World Eats. Neither are textbook, but it gives alot of info on how other cultures live, what they eat, how much money they spend on every day things.... I keep reading them over and over...

(I'm wholly convinced that Amazon knows me personally and their sole mission is to keep me poor.)

Scarlett said...

Wow thanks for this. I am going to start homeschooling my daughter this summer and may continue after that not sure we will see how it goes. Really with a possible move coming on I am not sure about adding another huge change. But I love being able to see what is working for others.

My Own Terms said...

I too am eclectic in most of my homeschooling with my son. But, I have always believed that no one curriculum will fit his learning style(s).
History is my favorite subject, and I have brainwashed all my children lol. Science is the area we need to be more diligent about. I am going to go back to Apologia this year, as we seem to do well with it, and the experiments are layed out well, and use simple items.
I couldn't agree more with the Handbook of Nature Study blog! My son is passionate about animals, and loves this!

Anonymous said...

I'd noticed numerous links to our blog from yours and finally came over for a visit--what a fun family you have! A blessing from the Lord! I enjoyed the look around. Thanks for loving Jesus. :)


Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

Andrea said...

God bless you for your love for Him and your dedication to your family!



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