Monday, June 29, 2009

Tennessee Preppers Network: Global Wheat Fungus Inevitable

Plain and simple of it is get your stock in place NOW because it cannot be contained and it will spread globally. This means you either pay big bucks for next to nothing later on, or you simple go without.

This will create issues for everyone. When wheat prices rise more than just simple grains go up. Even if you don't grind your own flour or aten't making bread from scratch, this will effect you. Read your labels...there's a lot of things that have wheat as an ingredient. It's not just bread items.

What will you substitute for bread? How much are you willing to pay for that loaf of bread?

Monsanto has you by the scruff of the neck on this one. I'm sure they have already made plans for some super wheat to force into your near future.

One link brings up good points...
...think through its implications on a macro (global) scale. Then think through the implications of a wheat famine at a personal level. Where will you and your family get your daily bread? Have you stored up for seven lean years?
I cannot more strongly urge SurvivalBlog readers: Get your food storage squared away, immediately. Supplies are plentiful now, and prices are still reasonable.
But the threats that we are facing are numerous, large, and all too likely. And, of these, UG-99 is almost a certainty in the next decade, and it will directly affect the global food supply. Stop dawdling and get ready. You owe it to your family to do the best that you can to prepare.

In a recent exchange of correspondence about Ug-99 with reader Jim M., he wrote:
"I think stored food should be viewed more as a supplement, especially wheat in view of UG-99. Alternative sources of complex carbohydrates should be sought by preppers. Other grain seed should be planted and replenished by those with land and climate to do so: oats, barley, rye, spelt, millet, maize, quinoa. A few thousand square feet of each suitable grain type would provide continuous seed viability as well as training for larger-scale crops and harvests in the future.
Starchy tubers could also figure greatly in extending long-term food stores. Anyone with even a sunny balcony should be able to grow their own potatoes for instance and there are plenty of other tubers they can try.
"Preparedness is keyed to trends and to the emergence of general threats, not specific dates. It has not been since Y2K that we've had specific date target. And that was clearly an exception to the general rule.
Perhaps we'll someday read about a large asteroid with a predicted earth-crossing orbit (like Apophis), and have a multi-year countdown to disaster. But otherwise, we just have to be ready at all times for a variety of potential situations

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Now is the time to be putting away your stores of wheat if you haven't already, before prices start to rise more than they already have.
As a reminder, hard wheats are usually used for bread making since they are higher in gluten.
Soft wheats are usually best for pastries and pastas.
Also, consider alternate sources of grains: spelt, millet, barley, rye, kamut, triticale, amaranth and quinoa.

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