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Grace From God: Basic Character Traits~Children

Brandie is starting up a good series on Training up a Child. Worth reading, I think, from her preview today. She is starting with Godly character traits for the younger children -- definitely not something seen often enough in today's soft soap Christianity.

Think about it -- if you aren't training your children to have simple things like respect for others, reverance for God and His Word, what are you creating? We already have a world of the "independent free will lifestyle" immature adults, so why train/allow more children to follow in those messed up footsteps?

You are supposed to be stewards -- training up the next generation FOR THE GLORY OF GOD. Do you honestly believe He needs more selfish man-children running around? He wants the next Noahs, the next Abrahams.

What are you waiting for? You don't have a lifetime to train them up for God. Your range of influence in this societal mess we've built doesn't even last 18 years. Too many parents -- and now the government -- are barely allowing you as the parent to have even the first handful of years within your influence.

The Catholic 'saying' used to be *give us your children for 7 years and we'll make them Catholic for life* (or something close to that -- the point was allow the church to catechize your children, train them up, in the Catholic doctrine and they would not stray). If the church used to have such high standards, why don't you take the reigns and do your job as parent over God's future army?

(From Brandie...)
Basic Character Traits~Children
by GraceFromHim
Grace From God

For the next 6 weeks or so I want to do a series on Training Children.....the Character Traits that are vital in their Christian upbringing.
Character development must become a most important, and prominent goal in our homes if we are to mold our children for the Lord.
You will be able to impliment these traits in your childs life through daily devotions and memorizing scripture with them.
We will pick a verse a day to memorize and the we will review at the end of the week we can share our progress.
Please join me in this journey, if you can take a button and place it on your blog I would really appreciate it, as we are in this journey together.

Some Traits We Will Go Over From Birth To Age 6
To Be Attentive
To Be Obedient
To Be Content
To Be Neat
To Be Reverent
To Be Forgiving
To Be Grateful
To Have Faith
To Be Truthful
To Have Right Values
To Be Meek
To Be Unselfish

After going over each of these clearly we will move into the youth to teen years.

Looking forward to it :)

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