Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday starts a busy week

Yesterday was nice and quiet and a perfect day of rest as it should be.

But this week is busy. Good thing God instuted that wonderful day of rest and worship for us because we certainly needed it this week.

Tonight and tomorrow our preacher is doing Revival meetings at another church. We'll be meeting up with them to drive over -- so many back country roads stretching out around here, there's no way I'd find it on my own.

Wednesday we have our own church services and I have class with the teens. We are ready to start putting things together for our VBS now. I left the tubs of supplies last night, now its time to begin 'crafting' our 4 themes -- the jungle, a castle, an Indian village and a volcano. We have laid out the plan of action for the VBS, with the craft projects and games we are planning and we have our Bible stories/lessons together. Time to start making our props and such.

Thursday is the Visitations night. If any of the ladies come along for the ladies crocheting, I'll be up there. A couple of the ladies are planning to join the visitation rounds themselves, but I believe it's better for me to hang out at church on that. With my headcovering and dresses-only, Plain style to boot, I don't believe I'd be a help in visiting. Most folks automatically assume that we are Amish (well, we've been considered everything from Amish to Catholic to Jewish and even Muslim based on headcovering alone! Folks just don't know anything different and people do like their stereotypes and pigeon-holes). I don't see folks running to check out our church if they believe we hold anything Amish to ourselves -- folks don't tend to like "rules" or strict teachings; they want fluff and lightness.

Friday we just have bill paying to do. Whew! That will be a nice quiet day!

Saturday morning we are starting an Outreach at church. Again, the adults were starting this, but the teens really need to be involved in something themselves. I'd like to carry them up to Memphis one day, to the mission/homeless shelter and places like that. There is no end to the things they can and should be doing to reach out and see what is around them. They are rather coddled in their lessons sometimes, but they aren't children anymore, it's time they act as though they truly have the Salvation Gift they lay claim to and step into The Lord's adulthood.
Being the first gathering, and a bit short notice, I don't have a deep plan yet for this gethering, but hopefully we will get some ideas for next meeting at least.

And back to Sunday's glorious rest and worship again! We will definitely enjoy the Lord's Day again and bask in His Wisdom of a day set aside from the things of the world.

Other happenings this week:
We have 3 dresses cut to sew, prayerfully before midweek.
Lots of baking -- we might, if it's in His Timing, put together some mini breads to carry along for Visitations. Regardless, we have plenty of our own baking to do. And get the list together for the Farm Market.
Schooling goes on no matter what the busyness looks like
Finishing the side area of the barn, cleaning and mucking out
Putting together next month's school plan so I can check out the reading materials needed and used

All sorts of odds and ends to tie up with small projects and projects nearing completion.

And none of them are getting any closer to ticking off with me typing!

What's on your plan for the week?

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Jeremiah 6:16
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

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