Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cleaning and Organization Challenge

The Challenge:
We tackled the pantry -- yes, we just did this maybe 3 weeks ago but we had an issue to fix in there, so we tore it apart again and reworked it. That has to count for soemthing right?

Now the *real* purpose behind the challenge I offered up -- my main closet! We will be putting it under seige!

It isn't so much a closet really as a 'hidden storage area' here and wow is it a mess and disorganized extremely.

I know what we have in there, but the main trouble is too many littles going in and out for things, so nothing is even remotely stacked or grouped anymore :o(

Ok, not that being stacked or grouped even helps this area.

I admit it -- I have far too much fleshly pride to even take pictures. This is such a disaster area, I'm ashamed to have you see hoe bad it's gotten in there.
And it's not as though it's been in use as junk storage a long time either -- we just redesignated the area back when the woodstoves were put in! Losing a living space here for the wood heater and the cookstove meant repurposing those items from that room to another.

Well, I suppose 'repurposing' isn't really the word considering I didn't go about storage the proper way. What I should have done is to truly sort and dejunk *before* we relocated things to that closet area. I should have been ruthless and done some serious purging before even trying to relocate anything.

I am certainly passing on a poor legacy to my children with my lack of plan and organization especially when it comes to this! I want so much more for them! I definitely don't want this to be an issue for their spouses to deal with -- pack rat tendencies show a basic lack of faith, if you think about it. And if I trust that The Lord supplies my needs, I am stealing so much of His Glory by hoarding away so much junk and clutter this way.

But, I plan to regain that ground and honor God with my clean sweep as it were! God can easily redeem the loss to the locusts here, and I plan to be heavy in prayer chat with Him the entire way! I have to truly be honest about what is necessity and what is plain junk to shed ourselves from. And I know my level of pack-rettedness here...there is far more JUNK there than treasure to keep on and level!

So -- my JUNK Challenge this week will be the closet area.

What is YOUR area?

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