Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How Ready Are You? Take The Challenge.

Are You Prepared? Do those three words give you anxiety? We have been working on our food storage and emergency preparedness for exactly one year now and recently we started to wonder, are we really prepared? We have all this food, we’ve been learning how to use it, but in a true emergency situation would we be ok? We figured if we felt this way then maybe some of you are having the same thoughts too and we came up with a great idea to test if you ARE prepared.


What is The Seven Day Challenge

The Seven Day Challenge is a mock disaster that will last 7 Days in which we will be initiating an emergency “fire drill”. Participants will have a chance to test their level of preparedness in a simulated emergency environment. Each day during the Seven Day Challenge you will receive an email informing you which utilities and/or food items you will have access to. At the conclusion of the Seven Day Challenge participants will have means to share, discuss, and give feedback on how they could have been “better” prepared. Read the rest here...

No, I am not Mormon, and personally, I am not endorsing anything aside from the particular post I've shared here. I don't need nasty mail from LDS folks, or anyone else, thank you very much. If you are too shallow minded to find usefulness in this merely because it is a Mormom site and premise, then please skip the link and forget I shared it. But please don't bother telling me about it :o)
I don't always look at things in black and white concepts when it comes to finding something good. Basically, yes I believe things are very concrete and black and white as a rule. But, I enjoy finding the good things in the weeds and thorns of life. I may not prescribe to the LDS beliefs, but you won't find a better prepared group overall and that is where my interest lies.
I cannot endorse any of the links shared as I have not checked them out, and I cannot endorse any pages you may visit when trailing away from the shared link. It's the Challenge I'm sharing and it's something worthwhile I believe.

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Jeremiah 6:16
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