Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Shower -- share your ideas!

In a couple weeks we are having a baby shower at church.

If no one else has a plan, I thought about the girls and I making that Diaper Cake shared in the link above.

I've never seen them done with cloth, but I'm sure someone has done it. Seems it would work just as well as disposables.

We will make some burp rags as well (as soon as I find that link again -- they used regular cloth diapers and added a fabric section to the middle). The Diaper cake will be a mix of plain diapers and decorated burpies. We'll do up the cake with some diaper covers, binky's, baby socks, etc.

Definitely making our Amish sugar cookies and cutting them as teddy bears, trains, airplanes, baby blocks and such.

The baby is a boy ;o). Poor little guy will be 6mo old if we don't get moving!

Anyone have any other ideas to share -- gift thoughts, food ideas, etc.


Aimee Kieffer, aka "Momzoo" said...

I think that sounds like a cute idea.

Brenda said...

We've done a couple of things in the past. One is to host a meal and a gift baby shower. For that each person would bring, along with a traditional baby gift, a meal or parts of a meal that could go from freezer to oven for those first few weeks making things simpler for the new parents.

Another type of shower we've held is a book shower (especially popular amongst homeschoolers). For the gift each person brings a copy of their favorite read aloud book(s) for mom and new baby.

Hope this helps.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

I love the ideas, Brenda, thanks.

Miss Alicia had her little boy (I believe his name is spelled Ky...or maybe Kye, I'm not altogether sure) back in April. Meals are covered pretty much already.'s The South, they have family and kinfolk within spittin' distance all around!)

I like the book idea alot. We have always done something for new babies and included any siblings as well. Especially younger ones tend to feel a bit left out given all the attention.



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