Friday, June 19, 2009

Having a great Father's Day...

Sorry if you stopped here to red this thinking I was going to share some great Father's Day ideas.

I'm not. Well, not in the traditional sense of what folks try to do anyway.

Dewey 'surprised' us with a long weekend by coming home yesterday morning. We were heading off to town to pay bills and pick up something special for a weekend dinner just in case he made it in. He didn't altogether surprise us. He calls on his way home, doesn't use the surround speaker phone thing in the truck (so we don't hear background driving noises) and well, honestly, he isn't very good at covert conversation ;o)
He asked what we were doing -- that's typical.
He said something about wishing we had a pool and would I check on some prices while in town. He's wanting a 16 or the 24 ft, but prefers the saltwater filtration to the regular chlorine -- that request was a bit off for him, but being we've had temps cruising way up there with indices into the 100's, who am I to argue pure logic?
He asked again what we were doing -- didn't listen the first time apparently ;o) Concentrating on his driving, I suppose.
Then he asks what's for dinner and quickly adds "this weekend, if I make it home" -- the second what are you doing was a start to rouse my suspicion, this question pretty much cinched it for me, the girls still needed convincing.
The kicker for the girls...he decided that if he might be coming home, maybe we would just all go out and see what kind of prices there are on swimming pools.

Just to be sure we called dear son at work still in Arkansas. Hey, Chris, what time did your Dad leave?
Chris, being just as poor at covert conversational tactics, spit out "I don't know" then paused a minute (that awkward kind of pause, you know, where you realize you've been duped into passing out military secrets without realizing it in time...) and said "left where? I, um, think he had to get some parts today."

Yeah. And the turnip truck just let us off at the front door.

Bless their hearts. They just don't know the power of Mommy Knowledge. Sad, after all these years, they simply don't catch on and don't have a clue. We don't dare allow them to think we know anything. We in turn play just as feeble-minded and simple as they are and go along. There's no point tainting their manhood with knowledge of their lack.

It is cute though. Although I enjoy surprises, I don't like being unprepared for a homecoming a day early. I'm not nearly as on top of things as I should be. Not that it matters. He certainly doesn't care -- he just wants to BE HOME. A dinner of any preparation would suit him, just so he can sit at his own table, surrounded by his family. It could be buttered rice and lima beans and he wouldn't care! (although he might mention the fact he didn't get meat and potatoes about a week later...)

But, we like to treat him more special when he makes it home. We like to plan something akin to a full bore Thanksgiving feast fit for a King :o) No, not this time...we are playing the surprise game, remember?

Last night, he got meatloaf. Tonight, it's sausage and potatoes. Tomorrow it will be Sticky Chicken.

My great plans for Father's Day -- we're a simple family, don't forget -- we are just enjoying having Dad home. He's working on things around the homestead. We have some duct work pulled askew and I'm waaaayyy to claustrophobic to even think about getting under the trailer, even at the highest point. Gives me the heebie-jeebies to even consider the thought. No, dear husband is jumping right in and doing the dirty work :o) Awwe, gotta love a man like that, don't you? Today he wants to dig a few post holes for the fencing. As I said, who am I to argue? I'll just keep the sweet tea and ice water flowing to the pasture today.

The pool...well, 24 ft is pushing $800 and isn't a saltwater filter thing. That's another $200. The 16 ft is saltwater and runs about $700. Has everything but the sand to clear and level the ground with. Not a bad pool at all. Would probably shoot my water bill from $60 a month way up past $200 just to fill it...and, well, there's the Wild Child here. I have visions of drownings...I know that boy well, he will want to have the cats and puppies go swimming. I don't like the idea of the pool at all. Just doesn't settle in my spirit at all. Despite preps of all kinds, there is just too much open accident room there.

That is Father's Day here on the homestead. Simple and laid back. No frills, no fuss. My great thoughts to share -- don't go overboard with plans and fancy gadgets and gifts. Just shower Dad with all the love, hugs and kisses due the leader of the home and let him know he is special beyond compare and has the admiration and respect of his family. Just BE together. Life is far too uncertain these days to treat Dad any other way.


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