Friday, June 19, 2009

The Farm Market Flyer and Plan

This was the flyer we did up when Chris worked at Caterpillar. He took some baked goods all the time in his lunch and pretty soon some of the folks he worked with asked about them. He always had a ton -- what good Momma isn't going to send her son off to work in the city without a proper amount of lunch??? Honestly, the boy should have gained 100# off my boxed lunches. I tend to overkill that way.

Either way, everyone, including his shift supervisors, started asking if we baked anything to sell. We thought about it, and sent a few things. I worried the prices were too high...they wouldn't be for where we lived back north, but here, well, life just works differently down here in our area. These folks are simple living and they know how to pinch a penny and make it scream for mercy. I swear, most of them could pinch a penny hard enough to turn it into a dime!

So, this is my starting list as it were, for the Farm Market this summer -- which, btw, hasn't opened yet. I'm a bit stumped, but I have no idea who to contact and ask, so we just watch the signs at the Ag Center each week when in town.

Share your thoughts -- we won't start off with so much stuff along with us, just a couple cookies and some bread. I want to see how it goes first. If it looks to be something folks are interested in, we will put out the list of items and take 'orders' for things, plus have the few things available all the time at the stand.

Country Homestead Baking

Baked Goods and Treats

Home Baked Cookies, Loaf Breads, Biscuits and Treats

Peanut Butter $2.50/dozen with nuts $2.75/dozen

Chocolate Chip $2.50/dozen with nuts $2.75/dozen

Traditional lunch-box favorites, crispy outside , soft & chewy inside

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip $2.50/dozen

Soft and moist chip cookie with a hint of pumpkin taste

Amish Sugar Cut-Outs $3.00/dozen w/icing glaze

Various shaped cut-outs available

Homemade Granola $2.50/quart $5.00/half gallon

Whole oats, coconut, raisins, dried fruits and local honey; nuts upon request

Amish Fried Fruit Pies 2/$1.00 or 13/$6.00-- call for available fruits

White Loaf $4.00/loaf

Cinnamon Raisin, White $5.00/loaf

Wheat Loaf $4.75/loaf

Cinnamon Raisin, Wheat $5.50/loaf

Homemade Biscuits, white or blended wheat $3.00/dozen

Mini Loaves, White or Wheat only $1.50 each

These are great for the holiday dinners and baskets -- approx. size of 2 dinner rolls

Pumpkin Bread, Applesauce Bread, Banana Bread $3.00/loaf

Traditional family recipes using fresh, home-ground, organic white wheat

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All Natural Mama said...

Thanks for sharing this! I am also looking at starting a produce stand and hope to sell some baked goods. I also had no idea what would fly as far as prices.
I was surprised and happy to see what you charge for a loaf of wheat bread. About what I was also hoping to charge.
Keep us updated on how it goes! I enjoy reading your blog. :-)


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