Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Flu Updates you haven't heard about

Most of these stories are not ones through mainstream media -- have you even heard of any lately? Maybe if the government wasn't running everything from private business to our media you'd know some things...

But, as usual, I digress...

There are new cases everyday on just the CDC site, let alone the WHO, and they are coming in with little to no time length between onset/recognized illness and death. And a couple have no underlying chronic illness as in the cases back when it all began.

That's called mutation. It's not 'just' a flu virus anymore. And our flu season hasn't even started yet.

Australia was hit hard, but theirs is already waning as their winter season really sets in force. That should make you feel a bit better thinking perhaps our winter won't be so bad.

I'd still make your preps and set some plans for worst-case scenario, though. The virus is definitely changing -- it is developing into something more severe than that first wave showed any signs of.

A friend and I were talking the other day and they think it's just one of those things that will happen. No reason to do anything any differently just wait and see. Their thinking is that they still have to go into town regardless of 'whatever' so why stress about it.

They don't believe in staying home at all, and enjoy their 101 activities. I don't mind having fun, but with things being what they are and what they are heading towards these days, I much prefer to find my fun much closer to home. If you are used to coming and going to town and having to be out and about all the time, you'll find it much more difficult to find fun at home.

Our way of life lends itself to being content at home.and finding our fun here. We don't need trips to this store or that one, or even the library in town. If we couldn't leave the homestead for a month, we'd be fine and dandy.

Our relationship with God wouldn't suffer any, though I suppose our relationship with the church family would. I can easily feed the various stock here for a good month, but really, I'd need to replenish at that point. I need to work on that part of the storehouse here for sure.

My point, which is really nothing, is we have moved toward not being dependent on 'going' places to survive, or to have fun. Should worse come to worse near us with the flu pandemic, we can stick around home for a good amount of time and not feel 'cabin fever' or discontent.

In fact, a month at home would just be life as normal here. We go to town now to pay bills, but I have a mailbox and plenty of stamps. It's hardly necessity. We just do it to get 50 cent ice cream cones for a treat anymore :o)

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LizBeth said...

50 cent ice creams! WOW!!!!!!


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