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Tennessee Preppers Network: Don't Ignore H1N1 Yet

There is a newsheader over in the left sidebar to keep on top of the alerts, information, and news from one of the Prepper sites I visit. From all the various sites for that sort of thing I've visited, the Tennessee site often shreas the most follow-up and links to the better inforamed sites than any other I've found so far.

Keeping on top of the "swine flu" as it begins to really show signs of mutating is something I am interested in. This is summer here and the "flu" isn't such a big deal, but in a few months, as winter moves in, it will be back on the front pages again. It hasn't weakened, it hasn't slowed it's progression any. It is growing and it is mutating into several different strains, some proving to be drug-resistant.

Just be prepared for some serious issues with the flu this coming season. The news isn't going to keep you on top of thing; you need to take your family's health and every other aspect of survival into your own hands.

The latest:
Don't Ignore H1N1 Yet
Most of the mainstream media has dropped much following on the H1N1 (swine) flu, but you need to know that researchers, the CDC and the WHO haven't dropped their following of it.

This virus, while not showing itself to be particularly severe here in the US - at least not yet- is still one that demands our attention and respect. Here are a few updates you should be aware of:
from BBC News/UK: Warning over new threat from MRSA - antibiotic resistant pneumonia
from Recombinomics: Suspect Swine H1N1 in Toddler Death in New York Raises Concerns - this one you should definitely read - here's a partial quote:

The evolution of the H1N1 is being closely monitored by sequencing labs across the world, and most isolates to date are closely related. However, the presence of avian PB2 raises concerns that the frequency of cases will not decline in the summer in the northern hemisphere, because the avian PB2 is optimal at 41 C, which would lead to efficient transmission in the summer.
Moreover, the seasonal flu has the mammalian version of PB2, which has optimal activity at 34 C.
However, the swine H1N1 transmitting in the southern hemisphere may acquire E627K, leading to a virus efficiently transmitting in the winter also.
Similarly, swine H1N1 in the southern hemisphere may acquire H274Y, leading to Tamflu resistance, which could complicate treatment of the more severe cases, which may involve previously healthy young adults.

from Fox 2 Now: St. Louis Man with Swine Flu Dies
from - One with Suspected Swine Flu Dies in Thailand
from Fox News: CDC: 100,000 Americans Likely Infected with H1N1 - now think - if each of those 100,000 infect 2-4 others, then they infect 2-4 others - do the math and see why pandemics spread so quickly.

Continue to pay attention, keep your hands washed, stay at home if you or any family members are ill, and have items on hand to make yourself and your family more comfortable if you become ill.

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